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jen kaiser private photo editor


Let's get you back to the life you love through outsourcing and systems that work.


I'm Jen.  I turned my passion for photography into a full-time freelancing career as a private photo editor for wedding photographers. 

While editing I've learned the importance of systems - both in home and in business.  I've streamlined the editing workflow, prioritized my minutes, and created systems to manage my day to day. Here you'll find a work from home mama who knows a thing or two about turning dreams into reality and remembering to live life along the way.

what we "Do" and Talk about most!

"Editing ovewhelm" is legit.

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Editing Workload

You're confident in your editing, your workflow is a process on repeat, and your style speaks right to your ideal bride; there's just too much on your plate and it's not going away soon!


Editing Style

You've purchased all the presets and done #allthethings and you just can't seem to find your style that speaks to your soul and helps you to reach your dream clients.


Editing Workflow

You know that there's some sort of secret out there to editing efficiently and consistently, you just can't seem to find it.  And these 2 AM editing binge sessions are getting old... fast.