Photo: Summer Kellogg Photography

Photo: Summer Kellogg Photography


didnt you know? Life is best lived offline.  a girl with a heart for simple living, homesteading, and building dreams.  i'm "here" to help you get "there."

Hi, I'm Jen

You can live a really great life; or you can dream of a really great life that always just seems one step out of reach.  You can run a great business; or you can run in circles every day, admiring great businesses while always feeling just one step behind.

I don't know about you, but I was 100% tired of always feeling like things were out of reach, and I was behind.  I put my camera down to pick up an editing business that worked for me, my family, and our lifestyle.  I invested in education that allowed me to grow a full time business in under six months.

I have experienced those tiring hours behind a computer while life was being lived by my husband and little one, just outside my door.  I don't wish it for you friend, and I'm excited to see you say "enough, I'm ready for a change."

For me, life is meant to be lived.


Where are my manners? 

Meet my associate editor, Katelyn.

She has killer genes, a fabulous family and we get along pretty great.  She's the perfect new addition to my team. 

If you haven't caught it yet, yes we're sisters.  

She too is a country life loving wife and mom of one.  She has a passion for creating the dream lifestyle and helping to serve others to achieve the same.  I know ya'll will get along great.  

PS - Yes my nephew is rather dashing as well. 

about jen kaiser private photo editor and lifestyle blogger

A cabin living, homestead building, labrador loving, family of three.  Meet my tribe.

Before the sun is up, you can usually find me jumping out of bed bright and early (morning girl here!) excited for that first cup of coffee and a little mama quiet time.  The rest of my day is spent tripping over toys, chasing an energetic little one, or moving the mouse across the screen of high quality wedding images, bringing someone's fairy tale to life.

As a private photo editor for wedding photographers, I think it's safe to say I have a dream job of seeing beautiful weddings from the comfort of my home with some classical music playing (George Winston is my fave) while my babe naps, and our black labrador keeps me company at my feet.

If I'm not behind my computer than you'll be able to find me somewhere outside with my husband and our daughter; enjoying the quiet country life.  


I've taken a recent interest in gardening (I can hear my husband laughing - I said it was an interest, not that I'm a pro), and I'm finally busting out the Singer Curvy so I can learn to sew a thing or too around this cabin home of ours.

Most days we're out exploring the 700 acres of woods, ponds and fields beside our home.  But if not then we're probably driving back country roads or on a weekend trip, headed to another Field Trial for our beautiful black lab "Ace."  

Life truly is what you make it and we mean to make ours pretty darn good.


meet & greet

I'm all about working with women who mesh well with my business and style.  I know you're searching high and low for that perfect fit as well.  Nothing should be forced when it comes to establishing a long term relationship with your photo editor - that's why I am all about offering a free 1-hour consultation.


learn the process

Hiring an editor for outsourcing is most definitely like hiring a new employee.  It takes a little time and patience for us to introduce each other to the process of how our businesses work.  You're teaching me your style, I'm teaching you the outsourcing process.  But we'll be smooth sailing in no time, I promise.

about page jen kaiser lifestyle blogger

the long haul

I love finding photographer's who I can work with long term.  After all, we didn't go through all of that hard work for nothing. I'm here for the long haul, as long as you are girlfriend.  We'll conquer the post-production process and busy seasons ahead one day at a time.  


Ready to take back your days?