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The Graceful Gathering: My Top 3 Takeaways!

I recently had the opportunity to speak for the first time at a creative conference and it was an experience worth sharing! The Graceful Gathering is a styled, boutique conference specializing in kindhearted education for wedding photographers. I think it goes without saying that it’s been a rough spring but I didn’t even realize just […]

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I’m Claire.
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Jen Kaiser Blog, Wedding Photography Education

Every photographer has a season that they walk through when the calendar feels completely overwhelming, and as they get to the other side they tell themselves “I’m never doing that again.” Most photographers then make a commitment to either book less work, or consider outsourcing their editing. If you’re at this turning point in your […]

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Lightroom Education Blog Post

Do you remember the first time you opened up Lightroom and it just felt like instant overwhelm? Maybe that was just me, but I have been using this program going on four years, and I’m still learning something new all the time! Lightroom has functions that can make a photographer’s job a lot easier. Actually, […]

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Education for taking time off from your business

Taking time off from your business is a MUST! For me, it’s an absolute non-negotiable. When I was an employee, I worked hard to earn time off and really and thoroughly enjoyed my vacation time. Why should it be any different as a business owner? As you build your business, you also need to build […]

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Education for Creative Entrepreneurs

Every time I describe what I do and use the words “Private Photo Editor,” I feel as if I am a part of some top secret mission gearing up to save the world.

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Work from home education for women

Staying on task while working from home can be a real challenge. There are SO many distractions within the walls of your own home.

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Tasks you can focus on after outsourcing your photo editing

Investing money in your business can be intimidating.  However, investing money in your TIME can be terrifying. As a wedding photographer, when you invest in outsourcing editing, it can be difficult at first to see your return on investment. Sure, you have more time available, but how will it actually help? There are many areas […]

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Jen Kaiser Private Photo Editor

Have your recently heard other photographers talking about “outsourcing your photo editing?” It’s a trending phrase in the wedding industry these days. It seems at first, many photographers run from the idea, not quite ready to hand over control of any aspect of their business. Then as business starts to grow, days become longer, and […]

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2018 did not go as planned. We started the year with my daughter having her tonsils and adenoids removed after weeks and weeks of high fevers and sickness (and a mom who didn’t accomplish much.) We lost my grandpa soon after in March, after an extended illness with cancer. Throughout the remainder of the year, […]

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