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Your website doesn't accurately reflect the value of your brand.

If your brand's online home just isn't up to par with your work - it's time for a change.

Together we'll infuse your unique style with some web design magic, and in just one month you'll be working hard to serve those clients of your dreams.

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Using a collaborative, done-with-you approach, so that you can get back to your zone of genius in business. I'll help align your brand's intentions with your audience's perception, and build a strategic website that connects and converts, stewards your story, serves a purpose and ultimately enables you to sell well.


Introducing my refined, web design services.

Custom Website Design

You're ready to uplevel your entire website and business.

This is for the brand that's out there killing it. You're already winning them over with your sales strategy and knockout product or service. Now you just need a completely custom design that will further convey the problem you solve and officially take your business to the next level.

strategic approach that's built for you (and google!)

4-6 week timeline


Website Template Customization

If you want to skip the DIY and get the professional look.

This if for you if you bought that beautiful template and *thought* you could take the DIY approach, or you simply want to hand it off to a pro while still staying within a reasonable budget. Let's customize your template and launch quickly so that you can get back to making money now instead of 6-months down the road.




Day Rate

You just need some minor updates or maybe a new sales page.

Ready to outsource your routine website maintenance? Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes on a particular page, your SEO setup, or the minor fixes you just don't have the time to make. A Design Day Rate is there for anything your website needs without requiring a full project overhaul.




the jk three step process


Every project starts with a strategy call. This starts the research process where we'll discuss necessary features, gather additional information and plan out the initial project details.


With a rough plan in place, it's time to start the "back of the napkin" build so to speak. These are the initial, black and white sketches that create our rough draft for approval.


It's time to bring the website to life with your brand fonts, colors, patterns and imagery. I'll start with the homepage, and you'll provide feedback along the way.

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You Could Go It Alone

YouTubing Your Way Through the process

10+ browser tabs open, flipping from Showit to that DIY tutorial and back again. It's definitely possible - or you could outsource it to an expert.

questioning if your Website Works For You

Not sure if that template you bought two years ago is actually doing it's job? Time to laser in on brand strategy, creating consistency from the top.

acting as an employee instead of CEO

Remember, just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you should. It's stressful letting go of control - that's why I have a do-it-with-you approach!

or with my help you could

Launch In One Month

focus on your craft

make more money

establish brand trust

grow your business

doesn't that sound better?

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The JK Promise

What Makes Me Different

You're not looking for a designer who is going to send you just another questionnaire and call it "strategy." You want someone who is willing to get into the dirt of your business with you, pull out the weeds, and focus on tending to the areas where you want to see growth. 

I know how it feels to invest in beautiful design, that feels inauthentic and out of alignment because no one put in the time to understand the vision or the brand.

I don't want that for you. I can help.

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