Business Resources

If you have a G-mail account, then I hope you're taking FULL advantage of this amazing service!  I organize and save ALL the things in Google Drive.

Need to put Pinterest on Auto-Pilot?  Tailwind is my absolute go-to for quick and easy pins, and rapid growth.

A simple, yet extremely functional website option for ANY creative!  I can do so much for my business all through one beautiful platform!

PLANN is by far the most comprehensive Instagram App available.  From beautiful layouts, to strategy, analytics and more.

The CRM that does it all for a service based business - from invoicing, contracts, templates, workflow, etc.
Enjoy 20% off your first month!

Do you have Squarespace?  Acuity is offered for free and is my go-to for scheduling meetings and client work, while minimizing e-mails!

The only e-mail service provider I will use in my business.  I've tried the free versions but Convertkit just can't be beat for functionality and ease of use.

And where would my business be without Creative Cloud? Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for only $10/month!

Education Resources


Goal Digger
Building A Story Brand
The Strategy Hour
Online Marketing Made Easy
Creative Empire
The Dave Ramsey Show



Edit. Profit. Live.
Copywriting for Creatives
Launch. Brand. Grow.
The Blueprint Model


Paper and Oats
Spruce Road
Elle and Company
Live Simply
Emily Ley
Lara Casey



Personal Resources

A healthy staple and busy day must have in the kitchen.  The InstantPot is my ultimate tool for quick and healthy meals, broths and more!

Planner addict? Yea... me too. I think I've tried them all, then finally found the Simplified Planner. It keeps your life and schedule.. simple. 

My go-to for real life goal planning.  This workbook helps me to break down the big picture and stay accountable.

I'm a strong believer in a toxin free home, but finding quality brands? Grove collaborative does it all for you!  Enjoy $10 off your first order!

How else do you do life?  Amazon Prime is my life saver for all things house products, pet food, and well.. all things.

The only place I'll purchase quality essential oils!  A family owned company you can love and trust!  PS - affordable too!

All of those images you save to Instagram.  Don't let them live on the world wide web forever.  This is the cutest way to save and share your life.

Beautiful, quality makeup doesn't have to come with chemicals and a monthly subscription.  Jane Iredale makes this possible.

*The above products may include affiliate links.  I get a small monetary amount from the referrals.  No worries, I only recommend products I have been using and love for six months or more and they genuinely improve my life and business.