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How long has it been since you first added "launch my website" to your to-do list? Maybe you've even gone the "DIY" route, before the frustration of trying to learn a new program (along with design!) made you throw your hands up.

You know you needed to launch this thing like, yesterday, because without it, you're leaving money on the table. Your website is the most important business "real estate" you own. So put the fear of technology (and failure) aside and let's get this ball rolling.

Hey, I'm Jen

I've always known I was meant to do "work" differently.

I never had that traditional "climb the corporate ladder" dream. I initially went to school for music business, before switching to nursing. I've always looked for a career that felt different and exciting. After years of carrying around notebooks with scribbles and big dreams, I finally started my business in 2015. While things have shifted a bit along the way, my love of this entrepreneur life has stayed the same. And I have the skillset of being able to build a versatile, and meaningful brand to thank for that. I truly believe that anything is possible with a domain name and a dream.

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With a little soul searching, and mindset shift from the outcome to the journey, I redefined success.

I've invested a lot of time and money into "building a brand" over the years to create what I hoped would be the perfect business. However, I've learned that a "brand" is so much more than the photos, fonts, color choices and educational advice.  With seven years of experience in the online industry, I've taken what I've learned and started to approach it from a more strategic point of view. 

Eventually, I started to fall in love with strategy and design and how (when applied correctly) it connects an audience to a more deeply rooted and authentic brand.  Now, I get to support and encourage fellow entrepreneurs, helping them create an aligned brand that not only stewards their story, but solves a problem and produces profit.

Not behind my computer? Find me cooking in the kitchen, dreaming on the porch, or enjoying country life with my little fam.

Top: My two fave people. Left, coffee and a pastry, please. Right: Front porch dreaming brought this biz to life.

A look back on the past decade

Started my first nursing job... on nightshift.


Experienced ALL the firsts... got married, bought a house, had our daughter. Went back to school hoping to eventually find my "niche" in nursing.


Officially launched "J. Kaiser Photography" - booked eight weddings and made over 10K my first year in business.


Bought my first camera to take better photos of our family, and started to get the "itch" to start a business. 


Dug deep into what I really wanted out of my own business and realized it was flexibility and freedom - so I made the pivot to an online business as a Photo Editor and officially went full time!


humble beginnings!

see, dreams do come true! crazy, huh?


Felt some return to normal as I wrapped up my biggest year in business, and launched a new brand for my editing company - Kaiser Creative Co., officially separating it from my personal brand.


Went back to work PRN as a nurse to help out with short staffing during Covid, and provide a second income stream so that I could still run my business - stress free!

Stacked my learned business skills over the past seven years, and officially re-launched my personal brand, specializing in website design and strategy!


Fully immersed in and loving the business I've built, that allows to me support fellow creatives in building a business they love and live life on their terms!


on location at
a brand shoot!

...and I'm just
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You're in the right place if you agree.


Trust is developed when purpose and quality meets expectations and promise.


Strategy is a holistic and foundational aspect of meeting business goals.


Being an entrepreneur should allow for a life with flexibility & freedom.


A growth mindset makes room for challenges, opportunity, and rest.

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