Zoar Gardens, Apples, and Bunnies

I feel very confident that my child is an animal whisperer.  Everywhere we go we see some form of animal, insect, flying creature.  And they ALL just migrate towards her.  Bunnies, birds, butterflies - you name it.  

We took a quick trip down the road the other evening so Kenna could spread her wings (AKA) run off all of her silly energy at Zoar Gardens.  The gardens were perfect and while we went a little early and caught the full sun, we still had a fun evening running, twirling, and picking some perfectly green apples.  

Of course, Kenna also had a new dress to show off, so it didn't take much convincing to let me keep my camera in hand.  I was so afraid that the older she got, the less she would let me document.  And while some days are more of a fight than others, I will be forever grateful for these little moments where she let's me remember our every day.