I am not sure that this needs to be said, as pictures tend to speak for themselves, but what a crazy, hilarious bunch the Miller family is.  I can already hear Naomi cheering.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to join this fun family at Hocking Hills, Ohio this past weekend as they took part in the sweet wedding between Craig and Lori.  

It was a rather chilly day, but I had a beautiful drive through the twisting and scenic hills of Southern Ohio.  As I reached The Ridge at Laurel Run, I almost mistook the drive for a small back road.  I immediately started the trek up a long and very steep gravel drive, taking me back to a hidden treasure of Hocking Hills.  The Lodge is simply beautiful inside and out, and the perfect vacation home for any extended family to enjoy a getaway week or weekend. 

When I stepped inside, I was in awe of the beautiful, rustic decor, and the cozy feel this home had to offer.  After a little furniture rearrangement we were ready to start taking family pictures in front of the beautiful stone fireplace, without a doubt the centerpiece of this gorgeous home.  It wasn't too difficult to get this lively bunch to loosen up in front of the camera.  They were so fun and I love seeing their infectious personalities shining through in their photos!

Finally, it was time to put a little focus on our bride and groom.  Craig and Lori were so easy to photograph.  It was obvious how at ease they felt with one another, and it was a pleasure to spend their day capturing these special moments for them!  I enjoyed every moment of their small, getaway wedding (when I wasn't envying Lori's stunning hair!)  My first words to Lori after introducing myself were simply about how gorgeous she looked!  I love seeing a glowing bride and a happy groom. 

Of course, some of my favorite images of the day, the candids!  I love lifestyle images, and simply watching families be themselves and making memories.  Whether siblings by blood, or by marriage this group all had a blast together and I am sure they enjoyed a long weekend in this gorgeous home simply spending time in good company.  Oh, and how positively adorable are those little ones and that poor begging pup.  Serious cuties, I couldn't get enough!