The Humbling Experience Of Outsourcing Your Photography

I have worked diligently taking on new clients for my editing business.  I am beyond blessed and grateful for how quickly I have been able to build this business and for the wonderful photographers who agreed that we would be a "good fit" as photographer and editor.

My current client list includes photographers from all over the country; from Texas, to New York, to Minnesota and Georgia and my own home state Ohio.  

My clients are as wonderful and unique as they come.  While the majority of them have a very similar style - what I would classify as the "bright and airy" editing look, they couldn't be more different in their photography and editing experiences.  

And that is 100% OK.  


In fact, I love that they are all at different places in their business because that means that this is a beautiful, growing industry with new photographers finding their success every day.

A Humbling Experience

While some of my photographer clients have been in business for 10 years, others are just getting started with only one year under their belt.  

During the initial video chat consultation, I have my clients share their screen and show me how they would edit their photos in Lightroom.  Early on, I started picking up on some comments like "I'm new to Lightroom" or "I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly - but this is that I do."  Sometimes, I also hear comments as "I underexpose, but I'm working on that!" or "I shoot so crooked - sorry!"

I ALWAYS make it very clear that apologies are absolutely not needed - I photographed weddings, girl I understand!

Then, just a few weeks into my business, after a wonderful consultation with a new client who I was REALLY excited to start working with, I received an e-mail.  

This client mentioned how she too was excited to start working together, but that she was really looking forward to open communication.  She went on to mention that communication was going to be crucial as this is a very new process for her and it is a VERY humbling experience.

A Respectful Relationship

I completely adored this client even more for her open honesty and sharing how she felt!  Here's the thing - it is incredibly humbling for me as well!

On the photography side - photographers ONLY display their best work.  

That's AFTER the RAW file has been modified, tweaked, cropped, and edited to absolute perfection.  What they don't have to share are the underexposed, entirely too warm, crooked original shots that they took as they rushed around on a wedding day to capture every, beautiful memory.  

What they also don't have to share is that they may not have the first clue how to use all of those fancy, shmancy buttons in Lightroom.  What they DO know, and what they have time to learn is how to import their pictures, edit them, and then get them back out of Lightroom and turn that bad boy in a JPEG for their bride and groom.

On the editing side - editors ONLY share what they currently do.

As an editor, I too once ran around on wedding days, fluffing dresses, fixing boutonnieres, holding flowers, and silently wiping away my own tears during the "I do's."  While I LOVE what I do now as an editor and being home with my family is the greatest gift I could ask for, every once in a while I miss those moments of capturing those beautiful dresses and glitzy details.

But the nitty gritty of it is, I also know exactly how you feel.  

I know how frustrating it is to shoot an entire section of bridal portraits only to realize your Kelvin was never adjusted.  Or to pull a set of images into Lightroom and then realize the lighting may not have been the best.

I have been where you are currently and I am where I am to help.  

A Perfect Combination

Between the two of us, photographer and editor we make the perfect combination!  

As both photographer and editor - it is a humbling experience.  Sometimes you know things that I don't know, and sometimes I know things that you don't know and THAT is what makes this perfect.  

I love that two perfectly imperfect business women can come together and support one another in this industry and in our careers.  

I am thankful for this relationship, for your friendship, for your support and understanding.  I am thankful that you do such wonderful work in your job and allow me to help you by doing the best that I can in mine.

So here is to a perfect start to a new year with new clients and beautiful weddings.  A humbling experience all around and one that I am extremely grateful for.

Something That Can Help

I wish I could take away a photographer's stress on a wedding day.  The stress of getting "the moment," of being nervous to step away for even just a moment to take care of yourself for fear that you might miss something.  The stress of dealing with SO many emotions and personalities involved in a wedding party, and bridal family and friends.

Unfortunately, I can't help with those things.  What I can help with are the stresses afterwards. 

I can help with the comments of "I'm new to Lightroom," and "I don't know if I'm exporting this correctly."  I can help with all the technical stuff that you just don't have the time to learn on your own.  Because piecing all of this information together for this vast program, bit by bit, can take so much time, and trial and error.  I understand that, I have been there.

Because while I was once where you are, I'm now in a position where I have learned the ins and outs of this program that allows me to do the work I do with speed, consistency, and efficiency.  I have come to know, love, and sincerely appreciate Adobe Lightroom like an old friend.

An old friend that helps me to edit 200+ weddings per year, while still living a full life with my family and friends.

If you're not able to outsource and you wish there was a way to simplify your workflow, improve your skin tones, speed up the editing process so that you can spend less time behind the computer and more time doing what you love.  Or even if you're planning to outsource but you're just not there yet and you know that with a little help in Lightroom you could create a system that would better prepare you and help your business to grow..

I'm excited for you, because coming soon is a Comprehensive Lightroom Editing Course.  

I'm sharing ALL of amazing secrets of this program.  Things you probably never even KNEW you could use to enhance your editing process.  The secrets to gorgeous skin tones.  The secrets to editing a 700 image wedding in 3 hours or less.  The secrets to achieving that perfectly polished, branded look that puts the professional finishing touches on your business.  The secrets to achieving efficiency and using Lightroom as a catalog program to perfectly organize your images and create an automatic workflow.

 Sound good to you?  You can sign up for the wait-list and be the first one to know even more exciting details when they're available!