That One Time When I Re-Edited My ENTIRE Portfolio

Yea, it was just that one time... Or maybe more like two or three.

If you clicked on over to this blog post I’m gonna take a guess that it was for one of two reasons (both related to that daunting headline.)

  1. You’re a photographer and you’ve been there.

    • You personally, have gone through the painstaking process of discovering a new editing style that you absolutely loved and knew you had to go with.  But you my friend, are 100% type A personality and you know that consistency is key, so re-editing it is.

  2. You’re a photographer and you think I’m crazy.

    • Free entertainment is free entertainment and that headline was too good to pass up. So you thought you’d just take a few moments out of your day to read a blog post on WHY anyone would EVER re-edit their entire portfolio.

learn how to create a custom editing style as a photographer

Well let me tell you at little story.

Once upon a time in 2016, I was a wedding photographer.  I built this little business that was growing at a surprisingly faster rate than I expected and was incredibly proud of.  The biggest problem I had?  I struggled almost constantly with creating an editing style that worked for me and my brand.

I purchased all of the best presets.  
I researched popular styles.  
I was constantly in Lightroom editing, adjusting, and re-editing.

To say it was exhausting, would be an understatement.  
I was beyond frustrated with this constant struggle of defining my brand and my style.  Until, I realized that my problem was JUST that.

I didn’t really have a “brand.”  

I didn’t have any form of structure or guidelines that I could follow to create a cohesive look amongst my business, brand, and images. And even if I did?  I didn’t know where to start.

How do I take a brand consisting of colors, texture, typography, and personality, and apply that to editing?  How do I transfer ALL of that information over into a custom preset that I can replicate in Lightroom - over and over again?

Well first things first.  I knew I had to start with the Problem, the WHAT and then I could move on to the Solution, the HOW.

5 Things To Consider As You Develop Your Editing Style

I first ventured into photography in 2013 when our daughter was born.  I first started using Lightroom sometime in 2014.  But it took me from 2014-2017 to FULLY understand just how important it is to create a custom editing style and STICK WITH IT.

I always knew that consistency was key, but I also just told myself that I still hadn't discovered my style.  I still hadn't fully come into who I was as a photographer.  And that part was definitely true. However, there is still a need for some form of structure or consistency in your images if your photography is more than just a hobby.

I know that my photography and my style may continue to develop and change the further I get into this business.  To me, change is a beautiful representation of growth.  However, I now know HOW to properly adjust my style, should I need to in the future and what that means in terms of my business and my brand.

There are five important things to consider every time you adjust and/or develop your editing style and following these five things has helped me considerably as I journey through the transitions of my photography and business. 

Want to know what they are?  Join me this Thursday January 18th at 1:30 PM EST for a completely FREE training on 5 Important Things To Consider As You Develop Your Editing Style.  You can sign up at the link below and I can't wait to see you there!