I first met Nelson and Grace back in September when I made the trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus for their engagement session.  Nelson and Grace are one of those couples you feel very at ease around.  They are incredibly kind, endearing people and you can't help but feel like a friend when you're around them.  And if I felt that way during their engagement session, it was x10 at their wedding.

We started the morning at Grace's home outside of Columbus, where the ladies were finishing hair and makeup.  It was here that I started gathering Grace's jewelry, shoes and dress for some beautiful detail shots.  I love shooting details.  I know how much time and love each of my bride has put into her look for this day.  However, Grace's details are the kind that touch you to the soul.  When I first saw Grace's dress I saw an absolutely gorgeous dress with stunning lace detail and a beautiful taffeta skirt with a long train.  I then found out that Grace was actually wearing her mother's wedding dress.  

Grace found a seamstress who took the puffy sleeves and high neck, and transformed it into a more modern yet elegant look with a heart shaped neckline, beautiful cap sleeves and added just a touch of extra lace detail.  It was absolutely stunning and Grace looked even more stunning in it.  In addition to that, her dress was beautifully accented with her grandmother's pearls.  The sentimental details of Grace's wedding day were overflowing and it was so incredibly special to see how she included these wonderful women in her life on her wedding day.  

Speaking of special women, Grace has (at my final count, correct me if I am wrong Grace!) seven sisters (including in-law), and the sweetest mother I have ever met on a wedding day.  She was surrounded with women who worked so hard to make her wedding day everything it should be and more.  I walked into a house full of women and there was absolutely no fighting, no stress, and they were still talking about the fun weekend they had leading up to the wedding day.  I absolutely love, love, love seeing families like this!  More than that, I am incredibly blessed to have met these amazing women and honored to be a part of a beautiful day in their family.  

Finally, it was off the the venue at the Old Blue Rooster Barn in Lithopolis, Ohio.  Nelson and Grace decided on a first look and it was incredibly beautiful behind the barn and in a cool and shaded area.  While Nelson and Grace stole their first looks at each other, I couldn't help but squeal with delight as the wind picked up Grace's dress and I was able to capture an incredibly gorgeous "Gone With The Wind" moment.  It was the perfect setting and a beautiful day.  Nelson and Grace were married in the small garden area, immediately behind the barn and were surrounded by close family and friends as they shared their own wedding vows.  

I absolutely love hearing couples write their own vows, and I have to give them absolute credit for being able to so accurately describe their love and devotion to one another in front of these people who love them.  Nelson's vows were absolutely beautiful as he doted on his new wife and shared how much her beautiful character molded him into a better man and a better husband.  Grace's vows cut to the heart as she shared how she could not imagine a life without the man she was standing beside. To sum it up, I would love to share the verse from Ruth that Grace included in her vows.

"Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." Ruth 1:16

I think the whole audience wiped tears away after that, but just in time for celebrating the first kiss and then it was time for dinner and dancing!  And oh their first dance!  The Munoz were full of fun surprises and personality at their reception, including an amazing first dance full of twists and dips!

Nelson and Grace, congratulations as you start this beautiful journey of marriage and thank you for including me in your wonderful day!

Jennifer KaiserComment