Sunflowers And Random Ramblings

This week's post is a little jumble of a little of everything.  If you haven't already noticed I am working on a few website changes.  I think I will probably always be working on website changes, but I suppose that is the life of a small business owner and creative entrepreneur.  Never happy with the status quo!

Photographer Akron Ohio Lifestyle Photography

I just like bringing new things into my business and continuing to breathe new life into it.  Unfortunately, one of my favorite ways to do that is constantly updating my website!  Anyhow, I wanted some more "nature" images for a few graphics I am working on.  So McKenna and I meandered around outside last night and snapped a few pictures of my now blooming sunflowers and what remains of my flower bed.

Gardening is tough you guys.  Like, really tough sometimes.  Flowers that I thought were blossoming just suddenly die.  Thistles have found their way back amongst my perennials which just irks me on a whole new level.  And with the way the past two weeks have gone in our house, I have barely had time to step foot in my flower bed which means another weed takeover.  Yikes.  But such is life, and I can only hope to continue to learn and grow and find time to tend to flowers amongst the beauty and chaos of our "busyness."  

Kenna has been completely under the weather for about a week now, so I do my best to put on my mommy hat and respect her little toddler wishes for "no pictures of me."  Although, I have to admit, I find it harder and harder to resist even the grumpiest of faces that she makes.  So yesterday, we made it more of a "fun game" and mommy jumped in the picture too!  I am so excited to start making more of an effort to jump in the frame with my little one and capture these memories of not just her, but of us.

Like I said, a jumble of randoms and ramblings this week, but I hope everyone has a beautiful friday!