Summer Evenings, Playhouse, and Dog Training

Truth be told blogging is time consuming.  Time consuming enough, that I was happy to take a much needed break from it.  Between blogging on my personal site, blogging on my business site, and editing pictures I developed a little love hate relationship with my computer.

But after several months of not posting much of anything, I really started to miss sharing McKenna's pictures and her stories.  I am awful at keeping up with journaling (I always swear I'll get better and I never do).  But I like to remind myself that my photography is my form of journaling and I as I flip back through old blog posts, I realized how much I enjoyed also preserving her memories on here.  

It's so fun to look back and see the changes from last summer to this one.  I also love having a way to share her adventures with family and friends.  I'd like to think that as I finally have more time for home projects, I will also be able to share more of those on here as well... but only time will tell.

For now, I love that it's a place to share our happiness, adventures, and simple, easy days.