Who doesn't love a romantic backyard wedding?  This past weekend I spent my Saturday in Danville, Ohio enjoying the most beautiful Saturday with a wonderfully sweet couple.  Over a year ago (how has it really been that long?!) I met Kelly and Brock outside of Sugar Creek Ohio for their engagement session.  I know Kelly from work but I was so excited to finally meet the wonderful man in her life.  Her cheerleader through nursing school and finding her first job and now her soon to be husband.  

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Kelly, a joyful blonde is such a happy person to be around.  It was exciting to meet her relaxed, laid back other half Brock.  The  two of them are a perfect pair and you can tell how they balance each other out in life.  

Saturday morning, I met the girls at Rig & Co. in Walnut Creek Ohio for Kelly's final "getting ready" stop of the morning.  It is such a beautiful salon and any photographer's dream to photograph in I am sure.  I may have enjoyed this half of the morning a little too much, but it was such a fun atmosphere to be in and watching the airbrushing technique for makeup was simply fascinating (my only question was, do the Kardashians really go through this every single day?!)  

From the moment I walked in and met Kelly's bridesmaids, I knew it was going to be a fun day.  These girls are clearly a very important part of her life and SO fun to be around.  More than that, they were obviously concerned about making Kelly's day special.  Once we finished with makeup it was on to Danville where the tent was set up at Kelly and Brock's home.

As I already knew Kelly, I knew what an amazing crafter she was, but I was still blown away by all the special little details at the reception.  Everything was perfect.  Kelly's decor was "her" in every way and it was the perfect September wedding.  The sunflowers and signs looked so adorable under the tent, and I am completely convinced Kelly had the CUTEST dessert table I have ever seen!

Because Kelly and Brock were married during an intimate ceremony earlier in the week, we went straight to dinner and dancing!  It was beautiful weather from morning til night and the tent and backyard were packed with family and friends who happily joined in the celebrations.  

Thank you so much for including me in your special day, congratulations and happy honeymoon!