Sniffles And Cuddles

As week 8 of 2016 drew to an end, I was starting to come to the conclusion that I was not going to be able to write a 365 post.  Even as I was uploading and editing the few images I did manage to take, I strongly hesitated on posting anything at all.  This week was a mess.  The flu hit our house during quite possibly the busiest week I have seen all month.  It was a chaotic, disorganized mess.  I still have about six loads of laundry as evidence and a significant amount of dust collecting on all of my furniture.  But then when I really started to think about it.  It was a beautiful mess.  My baby may have been down for the count all week, but that meant a lot of extra cuddle time, a lot more slow time for a household that is usually always on the go, and a lot of forgiveness, patience, and love.  Forgiveness when tempers started rising because everyone was tired of being cooped all week.  Patience when dinner wasn't made because cuddle time came first.  And love from our family, friends, and even coworkers when we scrambled to reorganize our schedules so that we could be home as much as possible with our sick little one.  My project 365 is meant to show what real life really looks like, not just the good times, but the bad as well.  And while I didn't have the opportunity to even capture that as much this week because of the disorganized chaos, the reality is, this was my week.  It involved a fun girls night out Saturday evening, leading to a beautiful engagement session on Tuesday, followed by a week of work, forgiveness, patience, and love as we tried our best to keep the routine going while healing our little girl.  This is real life and sometimes it is a beautiful mess.