Winter Sledding Fun

It's hard to believe we're already in week 7 but here we are.  It is even harder to believe we finally saw some beautiful snow but I am so glad we did.  As we close out on February, we inch a little closer towards spring and wedding season is just around the corner.  For a wedding photographer that means it is just the start of engagement sessions as well.  I have two engagement sessions this month and lucked out to shoot the first one on a beautiful snowy day.  Tomorrow, I will be set up at Girls' Night Out in Millersburg, Ohio and then Tuesday I am headed to Columbus for my final engagement session of the month.  

As photography season draws closer, I know it will be a bit more difficult for me to keep up with our personal photos and editing.  That was after all the goal of this project so I am looking forward to challenging myself to set aside time for our photos here at home.  While I did enjoy some snowy pictures this week and our own little family sledding session, I think the warmer months will be encouraging  to help me have my camera out a bit more often.  For now, keep checking the blog this week for my upcoming sessions and of course Week 8 next Friday!