Ohio Winter Greenery

Our household is on the mend!  Week 9 was recovery week, and still full of lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses.  As we wait out the last few days of winter, we are still spending quite a bit of our time indoors.  But I'm perfectly OK with it.  I love winter for what it is, the perfect time to get indoor projects done and a good excuse for an evening movie and early bedtimes.  This week was a bit busier than the rest, but I still managed to get a few of those sweet moments of our little one.  One week a month, I work an extra day at my nursing job and what a difference it makes.  My house is always a bit less organized, a bit more chaotic and we all just learn to happily roll along.  When mommy works a bit more, that always calls for at least one pizza evening!  And of course an ice cream bed time snack.  

When we did manage to venture outside this week, I had to capture what little green we saw on our afternoon hike with daddy.  I also loved what I saw in the remaining wood pile outside of our back door.  For us wood means heat (and a huge mess) in the winter and a lot of work in the summer.  I have a love/hate relationship for the wood burner chugging along in our basement.  It saves us a significant expense every winter as we completely rely on it to heat our cabin.  It can be a huge pain/frustration/and time waster, but I am thankful every year when my husband works all summer diligently building up a big supply and as our electric bill remains relatively low each winter.  Life is all about looking at the bright side - and looking at beautiful sunrises on your drive to work!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

XO - Jen