A Personal Post In January

How are we already in the third week of January?  As I get a little further in this project 365 I have realized two things: 1) This is a lot more difficult than I expected 2) Regardless, I am so glad I took on this challenge!  

I have found that the hardest days to whip out my camera are on the days that I work at my nursing job.  Especially during this time of the year.  After working all day, and having responsibilities to take care of in the evening, it can be difficult  to remember to pull out my camera late in the evening.  Evening during the winter is almost always indoors, and when you live in a dark, log cabin, that gorgeous natural light can be difficult to come by.  After work, I have forced myself to run inside and grab the camera when we can spend a little time outside with the dogs in the last few moments of daylight.  

So, some of this weeks photos may look pretty similar as I toss on Kenna's same winter clothes, day after day, as we head outside to brave the cold and soak up some sunshine.  Early in the week, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a little road trip to Hocking Hills and spend time with a fun family for a weekend wedding.  If you missed it, check out their blog post here.  The remainder of the week was spent enjoying what little amount of snow we had, teaching the little one everything I know in the kitchen, and spending our mornings roaming the woods with daddy.