PowerSheets Goal Check-In: March 2018

It's March... which according to statistics, means that only 58% of individuals who set "New Years" goals are currently still pursuing them.  To be honest, 58% seemed high to me.  

Back in January, I shared how I was working towards a more productive year by planning out monthly goals using my POWERSHEETS GOAL PLANNING WORKBOOK.  

Powersheets Goal Planner, March Goals

I want to be transparent with these posts, not only so that they are beneficial to everyone who takes the time to read them, but also to REALLY hold myself accountable.  And if we're starting with honesty, March has been TOUGH in terms of making progress on my goals.  

My husband worked night shift (unexpectedly) in February, and well, I'll ask you to only imagine who much one person can accomplish trying to keep a four-year old quiet throughout a day while Daddy sleeps in the other room.

In addition to that, I am participating in an AMAZING business course this year called The BluePrint Model.  It has been much needed for this self-taught business mama, and eye opening to say the least.  Unfortunately, I just didn't account for how much time it would involve to really work through the course and fully benefit from it.

So, let’s do a quick recap of my February Progress and how things are currently looking for March!

February Goals Progress

Powersheets Goals

In summary?  Not exactly how I would have loved to see the month wrap up, but I'm giving myself grace and remembering small progress is better than no progress!

Overall, I felt I did terrible with restricting my phone time.  I did find that I checked my phone less often, but anytime I was on Instagram, Facebook, e-mails, etc. it was the usual time consuming black hole that it always is.  I did make it one full weekend with the apps deleted on my phone and re-installed them on Monday which was extremely helpful and I plan on doing this more often!

I usually do a great job with my daily Bible reading and morning prayer IF I wake up early enough.  Throughout the winter, our house is colder in the mornings (thanks wood-burner) and waking up before 7 AM isn't the struggle.  Walking out into a chilly house is.  

We just won't even discuss my complete lack of morning workouts in February (see cold house in the mornings above), March is already looking a bit better ;)

What's On The Agenda For March?

Well, I think that I WAY over-complicated my goals for January and February.  I definitely put a little too much on my calendar, and way overestimated how much time I would have available to accomplish #allthethings.  

March is going to look a bit more simplified; I'm keeping to the really important daily goals, the system and time-management weekly goals, and the would love to accomplish realistic monthly goals.


  • Meal Plan
  • Sand & stain kitchen
  • Create home maintenance calendar
  • Day date with Kenna
  • Date night with Zach
  • Kenna's bank account


  • Sewing
  • Meal prep
  • Kenna's bank & Chores


  • Bible & prayer
  • Be active
  • Clean & laundry
  • Journal
  • Kenna Time

So what exactly changed?

For the month, I was more mindful of HOW many goals I was trying to accomplish or how extensive they were.  I changed my reading plan from three books per month to one.  I'm happy to report I've already read one book in March and I'm currently working on number two.

(I read The One Thing by Gary Keller - a MUST read!  All about how to structure your goals so that you're focusing on One Thing at a time that will help you progress to your next 'one thing.'  I'll be using this plan for my April goals in combination with the Powersheets.)


For my Daily Goals, I removed or adjusted two goals that I am consistently struggling with.  The first was exercise.  As we move into Spring and warmer weather, I'm adjusting this goal to simply Be Active.  I'm changing the way I view "exercise."  I know that moving my body is what REALLY matters and I can do that by simply taking care of my garden or playing with my daughter.  I think this will help "daily exercise" to seem like a much less daunting task!

As for phone, social media, and e-mail - my plan is to just continue working towards such a productive, fulfilling life that I'll simply be to busy to be on my phone!  The less I try to "remind" myself to NOT check my phone, the less I'll be thinking about it overall and I'm hoping to just see gradual progress.

How is your goal progress going?  Have you made any major changes since the beginning of the year?  Have you found what works and what doesn't?  I'd love to hear from you, because friend, we can do this together!

*This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own!

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