PowerSheets Goal Check-In: February 2018

Oh January, thanks for being productive and full of SO many learning moments and new challenges.

Earlier this month, I shared with you all how I was so excited to be planning out my year and my months using my Powersheets Goal Planning Workbook.  In that post, I walked through how to use the Powersheets Workbook and how it has changed the way I look at goal setting and living a more productive life.

I started using the Powersheets Workbook back in August of 2017 and it was a great start, but I wasn’t QUITE as consistent with it as I could have been, therefore, it wasn’t quite as effective in my life as it could have been either.

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In January, I purchased the full year workbook and I started to dig right in to the good stuff.  Without getting too deep, the truth is that tomorrow really never is promised.  But if tomorrow isn’t promised then I want to make sure I’m focusing on the stuff that REALLY matters today.

Social media? In the long run, that really doesn’t matter.  Real life connections and friendships?  Now that’s the good stuff.

My business?  It pays my bills.  But getting on the floor and playing a board game with my husband and daughter?  Those are the things I want to spend the most time on each day.

So, let’s do a quick recap of my overall goals for 2018 and see how those aligned with what I planned for January, what my progress looked like, and how I’m moving forward into month number 2, February.

Yearly Goals

  1. Digital Detox - Cutting my phone and social media from my life; moving forward with primarily business and communication use

  2. Simplified Life - Creating a simplified home and life with improved systems and less clutter

  3. Cultivated Marriage - Loving my husband well and covering him in prayer to be the leader of our home

  4. Disciplined Child - Raising a passionate and principled daughter who understands love, discipline and self awareness

  5. Spiritual Growth - Growing in my relationship with God and living a purpose driven life

  6. Physical Health - Prioritizing my health through a planned and purposeful diet and routine physical activity

  7. Emotional Health - Investing time into learning 1-2 new skills and enjoying my hobbies and passions in life

Reviewing my current goals for the year I’m still REALLY happy with what I’m trying to work towards in 2018.  I set up seven “big” goals for the year and I think that’s the perfect number to reach for.  I’m able to tackle a little of each hear and there throughout the different seasons of the year.

I stuck with what I would call “pillar areas” of my life for this year, as I’m now more settled into my business and have some time to start focusing on and prioritizing myself and my family.  

Working through the Powersheets Workbook I was then able to use each of these seven goals and plan out my tending list for the month.  A tending list is broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals that you want to focus on each month.

You can think of this tending list as “subtasks” to reach the bigger yearly goals.

powersheets goal planning workbook

January Goals

Monthly Goals:

  • De-clutter bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room

    • About 75% done!  I still have a few drawers to go through in each room but what a difference so far!  You can learn more about this in my post How I Am Embracing Minimalism In The New Year

  • Purposefully prepare for Tiff’s baby shower

    • Check!  We had a few snags along the way but it was overall, a fun success!

  • Open Kenna’s savings account

    • Negative.  This was bumped to February

  • Create Kenna’s money jars

    • About 50% done.  Kenna already has a piggy bank, and now she just needs a money jar for her “earned money” from chores and gifts!  

  • Create Kenna’s chore system

    • Check!  I had so much fun doing this with Kenna and we kept it super simple.  I have a “family” chalkboard style calendar in kitchen so we went through chore ideas together and assigned each chore a financial incentive which she’ll earn at the end of the month.

  • January meal plan

    • Check!  The best way to make a meal plan realistic is to be flexible with it.  We didn’t ALWAYS eat what was on the calendar for that night, but we always had easy options available with all of the ingredients to make it.

  • Read Outlander

    • Check! Such a great book and now I’m diving into book #2 Dragonflys in Amber

  • Read 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

    • About 65% done.  I don’t know WHY but I’m having a hard time getting through this one.  I think the content is a bit scattered and it’s a little challenging read for me.  But I’m still enjoying it enough to keep going.

  • Read Power Of A Praying Wife

    • I’ve been reading my bible app and journaling each morning so this has been pushed to February.

Weekly Goals:

  • Practice sewing

    • This was SO much harder than I thought. I struggled with diving right in and actually sewing, so instead I’ve been dedicating this time towards watching YouTube videos and planning out a more realistic start.

  • Work & social media free weekends

    • About 40%.  I hate admitting that but I KNEW this one was going to be tough and it’s definitely a “work in progress” throughout the entire year.  Baby steps.

  • Yoga x3 (mornings or evenings)

    • About 50%.  I worked out 1-2 days per week.  It’s a start right?  I did find that I struggled with doing just Yoga so I was flexible and started adding cardio and weightlifting in as well.

  • Reward Kenna and review money jars

    • 50%.  We started Kenna’s chore chart and she’ll receive her chore allowance at the end of each month.

Daily Goals:

  • Bible App reading

    • About 85%.  I’m so happy with how well I’m doing with this.  I’ve just been making it an absolute must and the only mornings that I do skip, are when I sleep in later than my normal.

  • Prayer

    • About 85%.  Again, like above, I start my morning with prayer after reading my daily Bible App and it is starting to become a routine throughout each day.

  • E-mail and social media (8AM, 2PM, 6PM)

    • About 40%.  Same struggle as work and social media free weekends.  It’s definitely improving so that’s a plus.

  • Daily Cleaning & laundry

    • About 80%.  What a BLESSING this new routine has become in our home.  On the days when I skip laundry or a cleaning routine, I can SEE how much it puts me behind and that motivates me to keep up with it.

  • Check in w/ Kenna’s chores

    • About 80%.  We try to remember to do this at then end of the everyday.  Zach or I will walk through what chores she did that day.  It’s so fun to see her so EXCITED about helping around the house.

February Goals

The truth is.  Anyone can set goals and create a system of "checking in" whether monthly, weekly or daily.  But from my perspective, why do that when there is a system ALREADY out there that works so well.  I know that my January would have looked MUCH different had I not used the Powersheets Workbook.  

Having a place to thoughtfully write, plan and review all of my goals for yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily progress has made a significant impact on not only my productivity but my priorities as well.

Now on to February.   A friend and I were just discussing how we feel about this month.  She said she struggles with it because it makes it feel like Spring is still so far away.  I personally have an easier time with February than January because I know we're getting that much closer to warm weather and I can start planning for ALL of the things I love.

If you're in a cold weather location like I am (or an all season location, thanks for the constant confusion Ohio), than planning for spring may help you to get through these last few weeks of cold and snow as well.

Try to use this month as a time to wrap up some winter planning and cleaning and prepare for a productive spring.   And so February's goals are here!



  • McKenna's Bank Account
  • Finish Declutter & Donate Upstairs
  • Sand & Stain (Kitchen and Living Room)
  • Put Together Kitchen Chairs
  • Valentines Cards For School
  • Draw Garden Plans and Set Budget
  • Date Day with Zach
  • Date Day with Kenna
  • Read 3 books
  • February Meal Plan
  • Weekly Goals


  • Practice Sewing
  • Workout 3x
  • Work and Social Media Free Weekends
  • Check-In with Kenna's Money Jars & Chores


  • E-mail and social media (8AM, 2PM, 6PM)
  • Prayer
  • Bible Reading
  • "School" Lesson with Kenna

How are your goals going for the year? 

If you're struggling to make progress than that's OK.  I'm struggling in some areas too!  But it's only January and there's plenty of grace in life for taking small steps and continuing to move forward.  I would LOVE to hear what you're working on or how the Powersheets Goal Planning Workbook is making an impact in your life!

*This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own!