Powersheets: 2018 Goal Setting & January Goals

As I opened my eyes to the first morning of 2018, I found myself setting my first goal that I would be able to pry myself from my warm cozy bed by 8 AM - because ya’ll it is COLD out there.  Well, realistically I was up and moving by 6 AM in order to throw some wood on the fire because if not, my husband would have been prying an ice-cube out of bed at 8 AM.

PowerSheets goal planner and 2018 personal goals

Resolutions and goals...

I can’t remember the last time I made (and kept) and a New Years Resolution.  The older I get, the less enticing they seem.

One overwhelming goal, made at the beginning of the year when motivation is at an all time high.

Only to see that motivation come to a screeching halt, typically within 3-4 weeks because no other variables (aside from the large unrealistic resolution) are considered.

Goals are tricky little things… and I have a hard time loving them.  

We can’t see into the future, we don’t know what the next day will look like, let alone the next weeks, months or even year.  But there has to be room and plans for growth because if not we simply stroll through life unchanged, uninspired and frozen in time living out one day after the next.

So if resolutions are unrealistic and goals are fickle friends, how do we grow?  How do we move the needle in our life to see growth, to find our greatest potential, and improve the lives of others with our best selves?

I don’t know about you, but I NEED goals in my life.  I need something tangible that I can walk forward towards.  Especially on the hard days.  The days when I don’t WANT to get out of bed, but I know that growth doesn’t come from lingering in my floral covered quilt all morning.

Uncovering Grace Filled Goals

Last year, I discovered my all-time favorite way of setting and slowly marching towards big yet realistic goals in my life.  Goals that are SO much more than goals.  They are stepping stones towards creating better habits, improving my systems, and creating a strong foundation for my future.

Lara Casey’s PowerSheets goal planner is a system for uncovering grace-filled goals.  Goals that meet you right where you are in life, and allow you to take baby steps to move forward.  The Cultivate What Matters Shop is 100% sold out of the 1-year goal planner but you can learn more about the PowerSheets here and purchase the undated 6-month planner here!

Now if you don’t mind me making you my must-have accountability buddy, I get an extra boost of motivation when I put in online.  So here are my 2018 goals shared from me to you as extra accountability and invitation to join me in growth if you’d like!

  1. Digital Detox - Cutting my phone and social media from my life; moving forward with primarily business and communication use

  2. Simplified Life - Creating a simplified home and life with improved systems and less clutter

  3. Cultivated Marriage - Loving my husband well and covering him in prayer to be the leader of our home

  4. Disciplined Child - Raising a passionate and principled daughter who understands love, discipline and self awareness

  5. Spiritual Growth - Growing in my relationship with God and living a purpose driven life

  6. Physical Health - Prioritizing my health through a planned and purposeful diet and routine physical activity

  7. Emotional Health - Investing time into learning 1-2 new skills and enjoying my hobbies and passions in life

The most vulnerable thing about putting my goals out into the world for all to see?  

Knowing that some of you may be thinking “she has to WORK on THAT?”  

The most beautiful thing about putting my goals out into the world for all to see?  

Knowing that others of you may be thinking “I’m glad I’m not the ONLY one who has to work on THAT!”

In 2017, I set some really tangible, timeline oriented goals.  And it took a lot of hard work and dedication but I reached them!

In 2018, I wanted to structure things a little differently.  I want this year to be the year that I set a strong foundation in our home.  Kenna is growing up so fast and moving towards a more social life full of love, criticism, and peer pressure.

Knowing that, I felt a strong pull this year to really put all of my focus on her last full year at home towards creating a cultivated home that embraces her to do good things as she moves out into the world.  

If you’re wondering how these seven seemingly daunting goals are any easier to achieve than one unrealistic resolution - well I’m happy to show you.

To stay on track as I move through 2018, I’ll be monitoring progress with my PowerSheets workbook and putting things on the schedule using Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner.

The workbook helps me to set intentional goals, but also to determine WHEN and HOW to start working on those goals.  The goals above are intended for 2018, but the beautiful thing is that I don’t have to tackle them all at once, and I monitor as I make slow, but steady progress.  Each month I can track my progress and move a goal forward, or cut it out all together.  And each quarter, I can re-evaluate and redesign my plan for the future.  

Daily Tending

Just as a garden needs daily watering, here are the small tending tasks I will take each month, week, and day to grow my garden and prune the un-neccessary in my life.

Powersheets (1 of 6).jpg

Digital Detox

  • Create a time schedule for maximum social media and e-mail checks; no more than 3x daily at 8am, 2pm, and 6pm
  • Set time limits of 20 minutes while checking e-mail/social media from my phone
  • Use Addictionometer App to measure phone usage
  • Schedule all business related posts for social media using PLANN and SmarterQue
  • Be purposeful with my time on social media for business growth and interacting with friends/family

Thoughts: This is going to be HARD and I will need to give myself grace in this area on a daily basis.  But my phone is the ultimate distraction in my life, and plays a big role in how much I accomplish in other areas of growth.

Simplified Life

  • De-clutter all rooms of my home
  • Donate the unused and unnecessary
  • Create a reproducible meal planning system
  • Create a realistic cleaning system

Thoughts: A simplified and clutter free home with realistic systems means less decisions, less distractions, more room for love and quality family time.  

Cultivated Marriage

  • Daily prayer over our marriage
  • Read “The Power of a Praying Wife” - Stormie Omartian
  • Read “The Unveiled Wife”
  • Find and read 2 additional recommended marriage books

Thoughts: My marriage is one of the most beautiful gifts in my life and I believe every marriage should be prayed over and worked on daily, whether in the 1st year or the 50th year.  I want to always work towards building better habits around cultivating a strong marriage. Read 1 marriage book each quarter.

Disciplined Child

  • Create a daily, weekly, monthly chore system
  • Open savings account and create at home money jars (Saving, Spending, Giving)
  • Increase interest in hobbies and build responsibility by starting one extracurricular activity that Kenna chooses (dance, piano, etc.)

Thoughts: Continue to build on Kenna’s desire to help around the house and give her visual system (with small rewards) for keeping up with chores.  Create another visual system using her rewards to steward good money habits.  Allow Kenna the responsibility of choosing one hobby to invest time into as she will be 5 this fall.

Spiritual Growth

  • Read through The Bible in one year
  • Daily reading in Bible App
  • Daily prayer for life, family, community and business
  • Accountability group online with other creative business moms
  • Start involvement in one community/church based activity through home church

Thoughts: We have found a church we enjoy in 2017, but I need to continue that growth at home. Being a part of church, means being a part of the community and growing the church.

Physical Health

  • Monthly meal plan
  • Routine grocery shopping on Friday and weekly meal prep
  • Yoga 3x weekly

Thoughts: Reproducible meal plans are simple, based around your schedule and can be repeated in future months as needed.  Create routine/habits around grocery shopping and meal prep.  Start small with additional physical activity and build on it.

Emotional Health

  • Invest time in 1 new hobby/skill (practice sewing weekly)
  • Invest time in 1 old hobby/skill (horseback riding 2x month during warm seasons)
  • Fill digital downtime with reading; goal of 37 books in 2018 (1-bible, 3 additional books/month)

Thoughts: Investing money in self-care (hair, makeup, nails, etc) never makes me feel fulfilled/rested.  Learn to set aside time to invest more in hobbies/skills

January Goals

That my friends - is a long list of goals.  These small tending steps, will be started, worked towards, and achieved throughout varying times of the year.  There will be additional projects added in monthly, there will be some steps that are pruned and adjusted.  But for now, this is the basic structure and plan going forward.  

After much prayer and working through my long term goals here is January moving forward:

Monthly Goals:

  • De-clutter bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room
  • Purposefully prepare for Tiff’s baby shower
  • Open Kenna’s savings account
  • Create Kenna’s money jars
  • Create Kenna’s chore system
  • January meal plan
  • Read Outlander
  • Read 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You
  • Read Power Of A Praying Wife

Weekly Goals:

  • Practice sewing
  • Work & social media free weekends
  • Yoga x3 (mornings or evenings)
  • Reward Kenna and review money jars

Daily Goals:

  • Bible App reading
  • Prayer
  • E-mail and social media (8AM, 2PM, 6PM)
  • Daily Cleaning & laundry
  • Check in w/ Kenna’s chores

And there you have it!  With a whole lotta grace, serious prayer, and PowerSheets and Simplified Planner in hand, I can't WAIT to see what January uncovers.

So what about YOU?  Do you use PowerSheets or The Simplified Planner? Set 2018 or quarterly goals? 

I'd love to hear about what you're working on and be your accountability buddy as well!  Let's make this the best year yet.

*This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own!