Planting Flowers And Defining Time

Do you all ever have one of those things on your to-do list that's not urgent, but you'd like to get it done?  You just keep telling yourself, next week.  Next week.  Next week.  And then before you know it, that item from April is now being accomplished in July?

Yea... that's where I'm at with my personal blog posts.

This summer has been such a tough one in terms of defining where I want to spend my time.  Because I don't believe that we "make time" or for that matter even "find time."  We define when and how we spend the time that we're given. I'm fortunate to have a seasonal business and enjoy a long stretch of part-time work in the winter and early spring but sometimes it makes for a tough summer of balancing all-the-things.  

The reality is that we TRULY only have 24 hours.  And some people absolutely need 8 hours for sleep (my hand is raised!) So if I'm doing my math correctly, that leaves me with 16 productive hours each day to manage work, play, and life.

I hate to be a clock watcher, but I want to have a general idea of how much time I actually have to dedicate to each task throughout my day.  When I know my time is being closely managed, it also helps me to eliminate distractions and time wasters such as social media. 

I developed a printable workbook that I could use to walk through my days and help me to define my time and priorities.  You can grab it too by clicking below!


So, as editing picked up, blogging slowed down.  It was a semi-conscious choice but one that I don't regret making!

Now that I've survived the busy season that all fell within the month of June, I'm excited to get back into the swing of things, writing and sharing!

We started our summer off perfectly, playing outside and getting my flower beds in shape (although, I never found time for mulching, whoops.).  I even managed to keep up with my bird feeders, because bird watching is one of Kenna's new favorite past-times.  

If you're in Ohio then you know we had quite the chilly spring this year, so I was so thankful for a few warm days to fully enjoy my Lilac bush when it was in bloom!  A while after working in the flower beds, Kenna and I snuck out on a warm evening so that she could show off a new summer dress and I could capture the short lasting Lilacs while they were in all their glory.

Looking back I don't know how we've moved so quickly from April to mid July, but I'm thankful for all of the memories in-between!

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