What a beautiful night in Zoar, Ohio!  Chris and Marissa are such a fabulous couple.  I love meeting couples who are so obviously at ease with each other.  Photography, especially wedding photography, involves establishing a relationship with my clients.  This is an absolute must because I am getting a little up close and personal with these two people for a total of ten hours, throughout the span of their engagement session and their wedding.  When first getting out of the car, Marissa stated that she really loved the idea of considering the engagement session as a practice run for the wedding.  While engagement pictures are important to any bride and groom to be, they are also the trial run for the wedding day.

Marissa continued to mention that they were looking forward to the help with posing and just learning how things would flow during the wedding.  I joked later in the evening I have NO clue what she was talking about.  These two are so relaxed and natural together.  I'm not sure I ever had to do much posing at all.  I simply guided them a little and then they just fell right into place. 

After one reschedule, on account of rain, I believe we decided on the hottest evening of the summer so far.  However, it was an absolutely beautiful evening.  The sun was just starting to set behind the gardens and made for some positively perfect sunset shots.  After a little stroll around town and discussing how beautiful the scenery was, it was off to a more secluded area for those last few romantic photos.    We took a little stroll through the fields, then I tested my couples yet again and asked then to become a bit of nature explorers for the evening so we could get closer to the gorgeous pond. 

I love how willing my future brides are to walk through and sit in just about anything for the sake of beautiful photos.  Going back to that trust and relationship I mentioned earlier!  At the end of the evening, I was absolutely tickled with how many romantic and gorgeous photos I had of these two love birds, and I can not wait to send the full gallery their way!  Thank you again Chris and Marissa, I'm so excited to see you in October!  

Jennifer KaiserComment