Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Let's not sugarcoat the fact that if you spend your days watching the news, then the past 12 months have looked a bit dismal in our country.

I, like most everyone else, have an opinion on a lot of things happening in our world right now, but I think there's a time and place for everything.  And yesterday, I didn't want to think about the news, or politics, or opinions.  Yesterday, I wanted to enjoy the rare 55 degree, February morning that Ohio had to offer.  

I wanted to show our daughter a glimpse of our beautiful countryside while she is still young enough to be free from the troubles of the world.

Jen Kaise Private photo editor lifestyle blog

As adults, it's so easy to get wrapped up in "all the things" - as we often should in order to make a difference and bring about necessary changes.  But it's also important at times, to just set those things aside, and simply step outside to reground and recharge. 

In 2017, I found myself getting frequently wrapped up in all the of the to-do's, checklists, and work accomplishments.  In 2018, my word is Fulfilled.  I'm working daily, on being fulfilled by what's in front of me, and learning to let go of the rest.  So yesterday morning, when the sun started to creep into our windows, I opened the blinds and informed my husband that we were all going outside.

He often checks his traps early each morning, so I put Kenna in a clean pair of play clothes (mistake) and away we went.  

It is was a refreshing reminder that while Kenna has the opportunity to watch and learn what I do everyday to run a heart-filled home, she also needs and enjoys watching her Daddy at work as a hunter, trapper, and provider for our home.

I love watching her watching him and her face instantly lights up at any opportunity to help out.  She makes it a point to always let him know, "Daddy, I can do that.  I can help you with that," and she is never more than a few steps behind.

Of course, the mud puddles soon become just as enticing to a four year old as helping out.  But it was a much needed breath of fresh air for our bodies and our souls.

One moment in particular, as we were walking along the remnants of a frozen pond, I paused to take a picture of some beautiful, sun lit grass when out of the blue Kenna commented,

"Mommy, I think the Earth is beautiful." 

You simply can't teach these sort of moments and I was completely unprepared for her honest and sweet observation.  A sweet, and innocent comment in the midst of a chaotic world.

Me too little one, me too.  Out of the mouths of babes.


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