There is something extraordinarily special about becoming an aunt.  On Wednesday June 15 I made a trip to Aultman Orrville Hospital in Orrville Ohio to meet the little boy who made me aunt Jennifer.  I wasn't really sure what I expected, but it was a completely new feeling I have never known before.  An entirely different kind of love.  A more fun love, but an amazing, encompassing love all the same.  Along with that, it is so exciting to see my sister and brother in law become wonderful parents.  

It is incredibly scary having a baby.  One day, your only concern in life is you, your spouse, and maybe some pets.  And then within an instant it all changes.  You have this huge new responsibility that comes in the shape of someone so little.  And you have never loved or felt the way you feel about this little one before in your life.  It changes the way you see the world, the way you see your spouse and the way you see your future.  

As an aunt, my responsibilities remain the same.  Yet, just 15 minutes down the road is this tiny little boy who I can not wait to hold and cuddle and kiss on.  I look forward to him growing up so close by and can only begin to imagine the trouble him and his not quite so adoring cousin will cause.  Unfortunately, Kenna did not love the idea of baby cousin as much as myself.  It was hard seeing mommy giving attention away to someone else.

After the initial hugs and kisses it was time to hand him back over to mommy for his first of many photography sessions.  I love, love, love the beautiful images from this hospital newborn session.  These first few days are so beautifully raw and new.  With little sleep and many new emotions, it can be both an incredibly beautiful and difficult time.  Hospital newborn sessions are the perfect way to look back and remember the little moments that passed quickly and fade.  The first few days as a new family and the start of new beginnings.

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