Evening In The Yard

We had a fun evening and grandma and grandpa's the other day.  We enjoyed an amazing dinner, strawberry pie, and then helped grandpa finish planting some of his garden.  Then it was time for fun on the swing set and races with daddy.  Our little one is growing up entirely too fast.  She uses (almost) full sentences, and tells me about her day.  I think she may even be starting to "make up stories" a little, which I can't help but laugh at.  She is so big, yet still so little.  I absolutely love it when she is nearing nap or bed time and still needs mommy's cuddles.  However, as far as pictures go, an entirely different story.

When she was a baby, it was always all smiles for the camera, all the time.  If I wanted a picture, I simply had to plop her down in the yard or on the living room floor and snap away.  Then she learned how to crawl.  Things changed a bit, but she was still my little camera lover.  And now she is two..  And having mom take your picture is apparently already a nuisance. How does this happen?  How do they grow up so fast?  And at what point in life do you learn to "be annoyed with mom?"  

Finally, I recruited dad to help me out and make silly faces and airplane noises and bribe her into smiling just for a minute for the camera.  Of course, we can't have any normal smiles, all of the extreme goofiness comes out.  And that is perfectly OK.  We like to laugh and be silly, and the energy never runs dry.  So here is to another beautiful weekend of beautiful weather and backyard fun!