Father's Day, flowers, and a farm.

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to write out a suitable "post" to go along with the photos that I want to share.  The reason being, the images say everything that I often find challenging to put into words.  

I think these images will easily speak for themselves, but I do want to say just a few things.

There are so many individuals in this world who receive recognition and credit for their time, talent and hard work.  And then there are so many individuals who simply don't.  

Fathers are often one of those individuals who don't receive enough recognition.  My husband, my dad, my father-in-law, my grandpa's - men who simply put their heads down, do the work, help out a neighbor in need, and all without expecting a thank you or favor in return.

Also, a farmer's and a farmer's wife.  What a challenging position to maintain a 24/7 job, lifestyle, and business.  

And a farmer's wife.  A woman who not only helps out when needed but is typically investing hours in a full time job outside of the home, providing for a family in her own way.

My grandparent's farm is such a beautiful memory in my childhood and I often played on this land without recognizing all of the hard work that went into keeping it going.  But even more than a memory, it really is a beautiful living thing.  A lot of hard work has been labored into this land. A lot of time and talent has gone into creating such a beautiful place for our family to gather, eat together, and be able to celebrate important days. 

I wish I could take you on a complete tour of my grandparent's farm, but I think these photos of grandma's garden and this one beautifully decorated room speak loud and clear.  Grandpa's hard work may not always be spoken out loud, but it certainly is appreciated.  And Grandma's passion may not be recognized in a country living magazine, but there is no denying the talent that goes into making a place so peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful.