Working Mommy

Yesterday, I read an article being shared around Facebook that was a letter from a working nurse to her children.  It talked about how difficult it is to miss holidays and weekends.  How much of a struggle it is to leave the house early in the morning and not return until everyone is ready for bed that night.  Nurses, healthcare professionals, and emergency personnel are cut of a different cloth.  Working as a full time SCU nurse was by far one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced.  Nursing school was without a doubt extremely difficult, and in addition to that, so was night shift as a new nurse.

Thoughts on being a working mom

Then, almost two years after our daughter was born, I was incredibly blessed with a new position at work.  I no longer work weekends or holidays as a nurse, now I leave the house four mornings a week and take our daughter to the babysitter early in the morning and pick her up around five each night.  When I took this position, I went from full time to part time and took a significant pay cut.  So, I started my photography business.  This was something I had wanted to do for a long time and the timing just seemed right.  However, what I welcomed as a wonderful change (and  it was) still proved to be a big challenge as a mom.  Now as a nurse and photographer, I leave the house four mornings a week for my nursing job and then one or two weekends a month to photograph a wedding.  

As a working mom, whether I am playing the role of nurse or photographer, it is always hard to walk out of the house and leave my daughter at home.  Mornings with my daughter are our time, now four mornings a week I really miss that.  I miss getting her out of bed and the stillness of cuddling with her until she is fully awake.  Our routine now involves getting her out of bed, quickly brushing teeth, putting on some clothes, grabbing our bags as we run out the door and then driving to the babysitter.  But I have to remind myself, three mornings a week I am still at home.  So those three mornings we make the best of it.  We paint, we cuddle, we play pretend in the kitchen, we watch cartoons, we dance and we laugh.

I also know the importance of what my "jobs" mean in my daughters eyes.  Whether I was a stay at home mom or I am a nurse/photographer mom, what matters is that I enjoy what I do, I work hard, and my daughter sees that.  If you are driving into work, driving home from work, or sitting on the couch enjoying the quiet before your little one wakes up.  You are doing a great job and they see it, so always remember the importance of that.