Today, She Is Three

Three years ago, at 6 am, your daddy and I drove to the hospital excited to meet our new baby girl.  Ten hours later, they gave us this beautiful, beautiful baby who made her daddy cry the second he saw her and made mommy laugh because the first thing I noticed was your tongue sticking out.  You were born with the ability to love and laugh and make those around you do the same.  I knew then, you were going to be a wild fire.  Your energy never ceases, you will run until you drop, some days you make your parents think they're going crazy and we love you more than we ever knew was possible.

It is so hard for me to watch you turn three.  I have loved every single moment of having a baby.  The sleepless nights were hard, the public tantrums were just impossible, but all of those perfect moments in between make every other one worth it.  Already, you don't cuddle as much as you used to.  In fact, just yesterday I asked if I could sit with you on the couch and you replied "nope, there's no room."  Your imagination is becoming so colorful and fun, you now run from room to room pretending to be "super Kenna" or "Mermaid Ariel" or your favorite "a pretty Princess."  

At three, you are just over three feet tall, you would wear your princess dress every day if we let you; you still take nice long naps (the struggle is getting you to lay down for one); you love making new friends and talking to any little kid you meet; your puppy Ace is one of your best friends and you cuddle with him every chance you get; cookies and fruit snack are by far your favorite food, also carbs - which makes the dinner table a time of chaos as you want to eat your bread, your noodles and be done; singing and dancing are two of your favorite things to do; Frozen, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid are a few of your favorite movies; you are extremely particular about your routines and it makes life a little difficult for mommy and daddy; you were potty trained by 2 1/2 and you have only ever had one accident; you love all of your Papaws and Grammas with all of your heart; you are an animal lover through and through; yet you also enjoy all things outdoors with daddy even if that means hunting and trapping (as long as you get a ride on the 4-wheeler).

The list could go on and on.  You are such a spirited little princes, you are the most beautiful child I have ever seen, and mommy and daddy honestly don't know what we did before you and what we would do without you.  Happy third birthday McKenna, we love you more than you will ever know.