Splashing Into Summer

June is here, and summer has officially arrived.  And we have spent the past few days splashing around in our new summer toy.  Like most kids, McKenna is an absolute water bug.  I knew she would be, based on the amount of time she wants to stay in her tub at bath time.  But I have a very good feeling we will be climbing out of this pool with wrinkled fingers and toes just about every day this summer!  

Thankfully I had already spotted this adorable new swimsuit for her at Target a few months back.  It fits JUST perfect and I may be a bit biased but I am pretty sure she is the cutest thing ever.  It is just so hard to believe how much she has grown since wearing her bathing suits from last summer.  Just the other day I had to make yet another round through her closet and put away all of the clothes she has outgrown.  I feel like I JUST did that.  

If I could keep her this age forever I would.  The tantrums are tiring and her energy is never ending, but that beautiful sweet, sweet innocence and the adorable things that she says and does.  All of those things can just stay, and that would be fine with me.  Plus those little hands, and feet, and elbow dimples, oy.

For now, we will just do our absolute best to make the most of this beautiful summer while she is still little.  Forgive me if we are Facebook friends, because the amount of pictures I post during summer time are never ending.  So here is to new adventures, summer time tans, lots of fishing, popsicles, pool time splashing, and playing in the sun!

Have a beautiful summer everyone!