Puppy Love

A little over a year ago, we left our Dover home bright and early at 8 AM (after I worked a 12 hour night shift, tell me about it) and drove straight through to Tennessee to pick up this little black puppy.  Our daughter was about 11 months old at the time, and let me tell you, it was quite a trip.

In fact, it has been quite a trip since we picked up the little guy.  Having an 11 month old daughter and a 7 week old black lab at the same time is not something on my future to-do list.  Some days were more of a struggle than others.  There are still days when I threaten that now grown pup that he is going to lose his happy home (like 5 minutes ago when he just barged through my daughter's bedroom door while she was napping, true story).  

Like anything in life there are ups and downs, and of course more ups than downs.  Having Ace in our lives is something extremely wonderful and we enjoy a lot of family moments together because of him.  Since last summer we have been on the journey of running all over Ohio and the surrounding states taking Ace to hunt tests.  He is doing remarkably well and I so proud of my husband for all of the hard work he has put in to make this little journey of ours a success.

While we had a slight hiccup with an injury at the beginning of the year, they are back to the grind and it looks as if our summer of travels and tests is getting ready to begin!  Of course, our daughter is the ultimate helper when it comes to training and I love spending this time with my two favorite people, watching them do something they both love.