It's September

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Listen, I know you all are thinking the exact same thing I am...HOW is it already September??  I understand that as you get older, time seems to pass by more quickly.  I know that it doesn't really.  However, I just remember being young and when it was finally time to start back to school in August, we were ready and looking forward to it.  Summer had lasted quite a while, and it was fun, but we had our fill and we were itching to get back into the swing of things.

Now as an adult, it's as if Spring takes forever to get here, Summer lasts about a week and next thing you know there is snow on the ground.  

We do have some exciting things happening in this household before that dreaded snow arrives though.  

1) I am buying a new car!  Momma is finally getting upgraded to an SUV.  Wooohoo.  It is amazing, we have one child yet my usually quite roomy Dodge Avenger seems to be packed to the brim these days.  And then it makes me wonder, how in the world do we have so much stuff?  And WHY is it all in this car?!  

2) I have not just one, but TWO weddings this month!  I am beyond ecstatic to be shooting both of these weddings for friends and I cannot wait to see these lovely ladies walk down the aisle to their deserving men.  In preparation for these weddings, I was honored to do a little mentoring this past week, and I will have a helper at one wedding just for the sake of experience.  I can't describe enough how strongly I feel about sharing the knowledge.  I have had a lot of photographers help me along the way and I am thrilled to now be able to do the same.  

Speaking of sharing, keep an eye out on the website and blog next week.  I am creating a new 21 Day Challenge to Improve Your Photography and developed an entire section just for new photographers.  I would love to have you join us!

3) Daddy is headed to Missouri at the end of this month for the AKC Master Nationals with our favorite black lab Ace.  We are so excited to see all of his hard work for the past two years pay off to get to this point.  

Training a dog is not something I could invest my time or energy in.  I love our dog, I really do.  He is so incredibly loving, protective, and gentle with our little one - but goodness gracious I also love that he is trained.  I think the worst month of my life (OK maybe I'm exaggerating, but really..) was when that dog was not yet house broke.  Training a child is hard enough, but you do it because you have this mothering instinct.  Training a dog, and I'm like, can you please just understand the words that are coming out of my mouth...

So I know just how hard my husband has worked to get to this moment and we are excited to cheer him on to the finish line.  So here is to September, when big things happen, the leaves start to make the world even more beautiful, and remind us winter is just around the corner.  Happy weekend everyone!