Here's To Fall

Oh what a month it has been already!  I think I say this all the time but I quite literally can not believe we are halfway through September.  Halfway!  The older I get, the faster the days go by.  My baby is growing up right before my eyes and our summer of fun has completely blown past us.  It has been a fun summer though, and we have done some exciting things.  

Photographer Akron Ohio

Unfortunately, soon enough all of my green photos will disappear and the white will take over.  Our outside play time of running around the garden and picking beans will be replaced by sled rides down the hill and snow angels.  But until that time comes, here is to fall.  To playing outside in big piles of leaves.  To cute sweaters, skinny jeans and riding boots - without the heavy winter  coat!  To crisp mornings and cool evenings while the leaves change to beautiful shades of yellow and orange.  Here is to my favorite time of year.  It seems to pass by even more quickly than life normally does.  

We have some fun things on the agenda for this fall-a trip to the zoo, the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving and apple cider.  I think I enjoy the seasons even more as a parent because you get to enjoy every single thing through the eyes of a child as if you are experiencing it for the first time too.  Better yet is the cuddle time once you are done in the cold.  I so look forward to those days of hot chocolate, a movie and some quality time spent with my girl wrapped up in a blanket.  And of course we can't forget daddy's favorite fall and winter past time, hunting.  McKenna has already been thoroughly trained on how to check the camera for "big bucks" and she talks with daddy every day about the big buck he will get this year.  So while the days are flying by, keep the memories rolling in.  These are some of the best times yet.