Birthday Thoughts And Reminiscing

Dear Kenna,

It's 5:30 in the morning and I am a little sleep deprived.  But still, I get up early each day and sometimes I accomplish something, other times I just sit in quiet and enjoy my cup of coffee.  I need to go get ready, pack our lunches, and then whisk you off to the sitter before driving into work myself.  Yet here I still sit, looking back at pictures of you from just three months ago and noticeably seeing how much you have grown.  I am feeling all kinds of feelings this morning as we quickly pass through July and into August, yet another month closer to your third birthday.  It makes me want to cry a little even just thinking about that.  

Three.  I don't know how it happened.  I couldn't wait for you to be out of diapers, yet now I would give anything for just one more day.  One more day of your little diaper bum crawling around the house instead of jumping off the couch.  I love every single thing about this stage you're in.  I love how much you're talking.  I love hearing you say you love me and you missed me at the end of the day.  I love hearing you talk and laugh about all of the things you did and spending a weekend full of cuddles, hugs, and silliness.  There is a season for everything and I am enjoying the season we're in.  But, I wish I could freeze it.  Looking back at how quickly the past two years and eight months have passed us by, I wish you could just stay this little.  Just for a while longer.  The world is scary and big and I love holding you close and keeping you small.  

Summer is so fleeting and I often feel it is this time of year that makes me realize how quickly time passes and how important it is to enjoy every single moment we have.  Especially as 27 approaches.  I can't believe you'll be three, and I definitely can't believe the 30's are sneaking up on me.  30.  Yikes.  I only hope I can learn as much in the next three years as I approach 30 as you have taught me in the past three years since you joined our little world.  Speaking of birthdays, this week your best friend and companion celebrated birthday number two.  It was incredibly difficult for me to have an 11 month old and a new little puppy at the same time.  Both running all over the house, both chewing on things, slobbering on things, barking at things.  But oh what a journey it has been.  Just turned two and almost three, and still the best of friends.

We love you.