Beautiful Weather And Red Leaves

Well, if the title isn't clear enough, what an absolutely stunning October so far?  At the beginning of this month, I like was a little concerned we were skipping right over fall and going straight into Winter.  Oh no, not OK!

Remember in school when the teacher's used to ask you, what is your favorite season?  And naturally, almost every kid in the room answered summer?  Well, I used to answer summer as well.  I love summer.  It is warm and fun and there is SO much to do.  But the older I get the more I realize I want to change my answer.  While summer is amazing and it always goes by too fast, I LOVE fall.  

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I have always loved fall, but the older I get the more it occurs to me.  This is definitely my season.  There is something so cozy and crisp about it.  The colors and cool air just make you feel completely refreshed and motivated.  Almost like this encouraging push to get things buckled down and prepared for winter.  

The other crazy thing about loving fall (and I can't believe I am ACTUALLY saying this), it makes to enjoy winter a little more as well.  I blame it on my husband and his crazy hobbies and adventures.  But for us, fall and winter is when the outdoors comes alive.  

For my husband, fall translates to deer season, turkey season, and the beginning of trapping season.  It means a lot of extra time spent in the woods with him, enjoying the fresh air, taking long walks or 4-wheeler rides through the woods without becoming hot, sticky, and exhausted.  

For McKenna and I, it means playing in the leaves, picking out pumpkins, carving pumpkins, decorating the house in all things orange, red, and green.  It means her birthday and celebrating this beautiful little person who came into our lives a short three years ago.  

Then finally, fall leads to winter.  As much as I always used to love saying, "I hate winter."  The truth is, I realized I don't hate it at all.  I strongly dislike dealing with a wood burner in our home.  I strongly dislike having a frozen car when I walk out after work.  I strongly dislike being concerned about driving home in three inches of fresh snow.  But the older I get, the more of an appreciation I have for this season that makes us enjoy the other season that much more.  And now as a mom, I see the joy of winter in McKenna's eyes and have found a soft (or cold) spot in my heart for this season called winter. 

It's cold and icy and snowy, but some days it keeps me bundled up on the couch under a blanket watching Frozen with my family a little bit longer, and I am OK with that.  

PS - remember that little thing called deer season I mentioned, I am always a bit excited when it does not extend itself into January.  So there is never a better moment than when I get that call in the evening that there is a big buck down!