Bath-Time Alphabet

With the warmer weather, it has been hard for me to motivate myself to continue taking pictures inside.  Our home is a log cabin, so it is not always the most conducive to taking beautifully lit indoor photos.  The brown wood throws an orange cast, depending on time of day.  And it locations like the bathroom with absolutely no windows, my lighting is just all over the place.  

But then I remind myself, that's part of the beauty of it.  Not only am I still taking daily pictures of my daughter, growing up, learning, and playing; I am also challenging myself to different lighting environments and expanding my creativity as I "make it work" in any dimly lit or not so "exciting" location. 

I feel like this week's photos truly shows the joy of childhood.  I included bath tub letters and numbers in our little one's Easter basket. I think they cost maybe $3.  And it was probably the best $3 I have spent all year.  She will sit in that tub and play, and play, and play some more.  Even better when I hear, "play wit me mommy."

Sometime I like to try and get something done while she is in the tub.  Finish up dishes, pick up the living room, fold some of her laundry.  But then whenever I hear those four little words, as much as I want to finish my task at hand, I can't help but go in and work through the colors with her and say her numbers and ABCs.  

Parenting and childhood are two of the most difficult and beautiful things.  Life can get so busy and it is easy to forget.  So my reminder for this week is to just enjoy the little things. Let them be little.