Backyard Evenings

As I headed out the door to snap a few pictures of McKenna this week, I followed her out and shook my head a little at her attire.  Brightly colored shirt, brightly colored shorts, bright pink croc shoes.  A small, red mustache remained on her upper lip from the Jambalaya we just ate after she promptly hopped down from the dinner table and followed daddy directly out the front door.  This child's energy is never ceasing.  It seems more often than not she is covered in some sort of dirt and grime, dressed in mismatching attire.

I remember when we first found out we were having a girl.  I pinned little dresses and cute swimsuits on Pinterest to my hearts desire.  I still look over the perfect little outfits and matching shoes on Zulily, add them to my cart, and then laugh a little when I go to actually purchase them.  The truth is, life with this little one is messy.  We are always into grass, dirt, and some sort of food disaster.  She fights me on taking the time to change her clothes or brush her hair, simply because things like that take time.  Time is difficult to come by when you are two years old and have things to see and places to be.  

As I walked out that door behind her, camera in hand.  I almost called her back in to put on a "cute outfit" and fix her hopelessly tangled hair.  However, I saw the excitement in her eyes as she raced along behind daddy and sprinted over the threshold of freedom.  The truth is, most days are pretty messy with this little one, but they are perfectly beautiful in that way.  The mismatched clothing, messy face, and dirty knees are what life is all about.  Those are the moments I truly want on camera anyway.  The real life evenings worth remembering.