A Wonderful Daddy

It is officially vacation time here in the Kaiser household!

Yayy!!!  Whenever I tell people we take vacation the first two weeks of November, I think they think we're a little crazy.  But if you remember from one of my recent posts, fall/winter is our favorite time of year.

Photographer Akron Ohio

To start off our vacation, I was SO excited to see the beautiful temperatures we were going to have the chance to enjoy!

One afternoon, I headed outside with Kenna to rake up a few piles of leaves and let her jump and play.  I was "sort of" successful at creating a small pile along the side of the house and I was so happy to see how happy it made her.  One small pile of leaves and it was as if I presented her with an early Christmas gift.  It amazes me what it really takes to entertain and please a three year old.

However, the very next day, a wonderful daddy went outside and mowed up FOUR BIG piles of leaves throughout the yard.  If she thought Christmas came early with the small pile I made for her, it was like Christmas and her birthday occurred on the same day when she went outside to see what daddy had made.

How blessed we are to have this beautiful weather, this simple fun, this family time, and a wonderful daddy who takes the time to make these memories with us.