A Day At Home

I don't know how things are health wise for everyone else, but if we were keeping score, this Winter/Spring has us beat about 6:1 in our household.  This mom is currently armed and ready yet again with Essential Oils, Elderberry Syrup, Tylenol, Vitamin C, MultiVitamins, you name it.  

The beautiful thing about this little kiddo is she may get knocked down but she doesn't stay there for long.  We spent our morning full of cuddles and snuggles and Sofia the 1st (of course).  While I finally snuck in a few minutes to clean up my disastrous kitchen, Kenna enjoyed on her absolute favorite past times, painting.  She is such a little creator and I love seeing this side of her come out each day.  Although, I am never sure who ends up with more paint - the paper, McKenna, or my kitchen table!

After nap time we worked a little in the flower beds in the afternoon.  Then finally, we had a little cheering up with some friendly company and even did a little exploring on the local trail.

It was the perfect scenery and my favorite way to end a beautiful day!