What a beautiful morning I had with the Angle family this past weekend.  And how incredibly blessed I am with not only beautiful, but sweet and caring families to photograph.  

I know Lindsey from work and I have spent many, long 12 hour shifts working alongside this wonderful woman with long talks to know what an amazing wife and mother she is.  When I first started this business, I then had the opportunity to see firsthand what a wonderful mother she was when she warmly welcomed me to their home to photograph their sweet six month old.  

I knew then Lindsey had a love for photography and lifestyle sessions and I was more than thrilled when she told me they were expecting a second little one and she was interested in maternity and newborn pictures.  I also knew Lindsey loved pregnancy so to be completely honest I was QUITE nervous for this session because I wanted to make sure it was everything she dreamed it would be!

Dundee Falls Ohio, Intimate Maternity Portraits

But let me tell you a little something about pregnancy..

It has a mind of it's own, quite like the sweet baby you meet at the end of that wonderful, but long 9 months.  

Furthermore, life does not pause for pregnancy, it carries on.  It carries on even when you work full time night shift.  It carries on even though you are going back to school to complete your bachelors degree.  It carries on even as you build a new house and now have to decorate and care for that house.  It carries on even when you are completely exhausted but have a two year old you are responsible for.  It even carries on when you have an aching back and sleepless nights.

I know what it means to be pregnant and return to school all while moving into a new house, working full time night shift and fighting off sickness along the way.  I know what it means to have one mood swing to the next, to feel miserable and be quite certain you look even worse.  Pregnancy is so incredibly beautiful from the inside out.  Except sometimes, for the momma to be.  

The night before Lindsey's session, I saw a picture she posted on social media stating how even though this pregnancy was quite different from the last, she was sharing a picture because in that moment she felt beautiful.  The next morning as a drug myself out of bed at 5AM and scrolled through Facebook while eating breakfast, I saw Lindsey was already up.  She posted again that pregnancy (and a cold!) had her up and doing laundry at 4AM.  I quickly got ahold of her and told her I was more than happy to reschedule if she needed some R&R.  She graciously declined and said she was up and moving and feeling much better.

Pregnancy is beautiful.  It can also be incredibly hard.  

In these moments, in this beautiful place, with your amazing family, Lindsey, I hope you felt beautiful.  Thank you for allowing me to spend the morning with you and capturing these precious memories.  Your perfect little gift will all be worth it at the end.