This past Thursday evening at 6 in the evening, I drove the familiar trip to Zoar Ohio.  Shortly after arriving, I saw Kate and her mom driving past the gardens of the cute historic town towards where I parked.  Kate and Melissa were both smiling as big as ever, and I was beyond thrilled to see them so excited for Kate's senior photography session.  Kate had just finished up with hair and makeup at Eighteen76 Salon and Spa in Millersburg, Ohio and she looked absolutely adorable and picture perfect.  

Upon arriving, we looked over Kate's choice of outfits and decided which would be best for each location and when.  We started off with a simple but fun black top and shorts and some pretty awesome sneakers that complimented Kate's personality perfectly.  After a few traditional shots to start, we broke out the guitar and snapped a few fun poses as well.  The outfit and guitar fit the scenery just perfectly and I loved how everything was already coming together so well!  It was time for a quick outfit change and then we left the beautiful gardens for a short stroll through town.

While finishing up Kate's session at Zoar, I jokingly commented that I would LOVE to be the one to photograph her in a wedding dress some day.  Only, I wasn't joking all that much.  This young lady was such a breeze to work with she made my job seem easy!  We laughed when Kate pulled up a few old pictures of her "modeling" days as a toddler but the truth is the camera really loves her and being in front of one seems to come easily.  As we made our way down the brick streets to leave for our second location, I had Kate stop for a few last shots I couldn't pass up!  I love everything this town has to offer, and it always provides such adorable scenery!

Around 7:30, we wrapped things up and it was off to the field.  Only about 30 seconds into our drive their it started to pour.  And do I mean pour!  I hadn't seen anything on the radar so I called my husband in a sheer panic asking him to take a look for me.  He thought it looked like things would clear up around 8 but then we only had a short window so we had to act fast.  So we waited out the pelting summer rain and sure enough, at 8 PM exactly, the skies cleared up and the heavens started to shine just beautifully.  I could not have asked for a more fabulous sky and made sure to get as many shots as possible in those last few drops of light.  Of course, we had to add one more element of fun as Kate pointed out that her umbrella actually matched her outfit quite perfectly.  It was a beautiful evening and a breathtaking session and I am so grateful to have worked with this lovely young lady.  Thank you again Kate and enjoy your senior year!