Highlights of 2017: Reflecting Back

Regardless of how good or bad you feel a year went, a year is a long time.

I love looking back on our year in pictures and reliving the small, but valuable moments of time that pass by daily.  It's usually in the mundane moments of our every day, that the best things happen.  There are days, when keeping up with our personal photos can seem like a time consuming task, and I'll be the first to admit that despite my best intentions I didn't manage to capture and share as much as I would have liked this year.

But looking back at these pictures, reminds me that we did so much more than I remember, and I saved just enough through photographs to freeze a small moment in time, and allow a window into our memories.



  • Kenna's first "big girl bed" - a playhouse inspired white bed built by Zach's dad
  • An abundance of glittery paint, thanks to Santa Claus which we spent the first half of the year painting with
  • Some unseasonably sunny days in January that lit up our Kaiser cabin with a warm wintery glow
  • I booked over half of my clients in this month - well on my way to working from home full time!


  • Mid winter adventures in the woods by our house.  What always seems like a great idea, but ends a little bit differently with a 3 year old in a puffy coat who's "legs hurt" from walking.
  • A reprieve from cold weather to enjoy a little Kenna and Daddy fishing time while this Mama reads
  • Finishing up booking clients, and making plans for full-time.


  • Stretching out our time indoors with recipe testing, coloring and a little kitchen helper
  • Turned in my official notice at the hospital at the end of March! Casual part time, here I come! (Still felt like a dream more than reality)


  • Bubbles, swing set fun and the first hints of spring!  Of course, Kitty needs to stay bundled, it's not quite that warm, silly.
  • Easter egg coloring and hunting at Papa and Gramma's house
  • Field trial training in southern Ohio with Daddy and our black lab Ace
  • Finishing up my final days at work


  • Our favorite memories of summer - exploring the woods and pond beside our house and helping Daddy and Ace train for many field trials ahead
  • Grandpa shot a big gobbler!
  • I started exploring "branding" options for my business - what a journey that has been.


  • The remainder of Kenna's summer was mostly spent in the sprinkler or cooking up some "dirt soup"
  • A few must needed days on the farm visiting the great grandparents and picking berries
  • A summer of travel commences - from New York, to Michigan and Virginia.
  • Still learning the art of "balance" as a work from home mom


  • Sterling's first full day visit at the Kaiser Cabin while Kenna slowly learns the beauty of sharing toys and play dates with her cousin
  • Lots, and lots, and lots of sundresses
  • Most of our free-time was spent in the yard, or maintaining flower beds and growing veggies


  • My birthday month - 28 years old!
  • Kenna's 2nd broken arm - the right one this time
  • A LOT of blackberries and cobbler
  • A trip to my favorite field trial in New York.
  • My most "challenging" month of business.  I lost three clients, and learned the art of developing a thick skin and marketing in the off season.


  • Enjoying the final days of summer with trips to Tuscarawas park and Zoar gardens
  • Kenna is officially cast free!
  • Preparing for my editing "busy season"
  • And a big win in my business & photography - I felt like I had finally cracked the code on my branding, mission statement, and editing style.  I learned the importance of consistency and clear messaging!


  • Our final trip of the summer/fall to Virginia.  The weather was warm and perfect!
  • My first year decorating the front porch for fall (ahem, finally.)
  • Leaf piles, pumpkin picking and our last full month with our wonderful chocolate lab Leo
  • Kenna and great grandpa's birthday - and Kenna celebrated with a homemade horsey cake from grandma Anita and SIX princesses dresses on loan from the Disney princesses themselves ;)
  • What I THOUGHT would be my busiest month in editing, and then November came.


  • A month of editing
  • A month of sickness
  • And that's all she wrote... Oh, and two letters to Santa Claus.


  • Winding down and preparing for a new year ahead
  • And a Very Merry Christmas!
  • I spent this month of business finalizing some end of year weddings, putting the finishing touches on my new website and reflecting back on the good and bad of my first year full time and creating a plan for the future!