Happy New Years!

Week one.  Week one of a BRAND new year.  I love new years.  I know some people have mixed feelings about new years but not me.  I don't look at new years as a glass half full/half empty kinda of deal.  I look at that baby as a clean slate.  Completely clean.  It doesn't have to mean that EVERYTHING in your life has to change.  But let's be honest here, we ALL have some things from the past year we didn't love, or wish we could change.  So why not now?  

The truth is, change is REALLY, REALLY hard.  And if you struggle with making that change during any other part of the year then why not use new years as your motivating factor?  Make the changes you want to make and be serious about it.  Write it down.  Find a motivation partner.  Stick with it.  Do it for three months and just like that you have made a change.  

You have also proved to yourself that you can do it.  And if you can make a change during new years, then you can make a change during any time of the year.  So use that.  Make changes every single day.  Change your life for the better in every possible area.  And every new year, be thankful for that motivation and push.

Four years ago, I picked up a camera.  I picked up a camera and started teaching myself photography right around the new year.  What a change I made in my life and what a positive impact that ONE little motivating factor has made on my present and my future.  

So here is to a new year.  Here is to a new photography project to keep the motivation going - 365 days of photos of our life, our life, our happiness and our adventures.

Happy new years and a wonderful 2017!