Grace found me online - which was a very exciting moment for me, but an also very new moment.  This would be the first couple I ever photographed that were absolute strangers to me.  However, once Grace and I first spoke on the phone any fear I may have had were instantly calmed.  She is so sweet and absolutely easygoing.  I was also more than thrilled to be meeting them at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio for a little change of scenery.  Nelson and Grace made my job easy.  They are so easygoing and natural with each other, in it shows in their photos how relaxed they are together.  They clearly adore each other and it was such a joy to spend the evening with them.  We were even more blessed to head outside and enjoy the surprisingly warm day for mid-February and finish off the evening with a few dreamy shots in front of the Conservatory.  The sky was absolutely lit up for them.

Nelson and Grace, thank you both again and I am SO looking forward to your wedding in June.  See you both soon!