Last week I traveled to Millersburg, Ohio for a short session and I think I have found an absolute new love in this industry.  Generation photos.  What a joy these ladies were!  I spoke with Marie about scheduling generation photos for her family several weeks back and she mentioned this session was particularly special.  Her daughter was flying in from California for a few days and this was her first chance to meet her great granddaughter.

We discussed that we would need to keep it a little short as were working with ages from 10 months old to 89 years old.  We threw around several different ideas for a location and finally decided on a family residence.  It could not have  turned out more beautifully.  I discussed with Marie that in order to keep things cohesive they may consider wearing a similar color tone and that lighter colors often works best for group photos to keep things cheerful and photograph well.  

But oh my goodness, each one of these ladies looked phenomenal and the pictures turned out even better than I had hoped for!  We quickly got through our group photos and I absolutely loved this part.  I think my favorites were of great, great grandma and sweet baby.  To have the opportunity to photograph something that special is rare and it is truly amazing.  And oh those beautiful hands together showing the story of a life with stories and a life just begun.  To finish, of course I had to capture a few special moments between mom and little one.  These are the days that pass so quickly.  

Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you!

Jennifer KaiserComment