Fishing in February

A perfect Friday fishing with my husband and little one.  I can't think of a sweeter way to spend a day off than that.

We started our morning like most other mornings, cuddles, a little cartoons while mommy finishes getting ready and cleans up the kitchen.  Next it is time for breakfast and planning the day.  There really wasn't much to plan for this afternoon though.  I had editing and cleaning to work on in the afternoon, but the sun was already peaking over the trees so perfectly, I knew that could wait.  The warm weather was calling our name, and a little morning fishing trip sounded like the perfect way to spend some quality time together and outside.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by several ponds on the wooded property, but today we were going somewhere different.  Less than a mile down the road from our house, is a small pond, tucked away in the woods in a perfect open yet private setting.  It's the very place where Zach took me on our first date (right before introducing me to Sushi for the first time, of course) and this would be the first time we took Kenna to this little fishing oasis.  

Of course, no fishing trip in the Kaiser household can be ever be started without first visiting the local market for minnows, worms, and a few necessary snacks.  Once daddy stocked up on enough peanut butter cookies and drinks we were off to the pond.

The pond is owned by one of Zach's family members and we have to enter through a horse pasture and say hello to the gentle gray gelding who always has to make his greetings and follow us a short distance before deciding he really has no interest in what we're up to.  A short trek later and we are at our spot.  

Our little independent toddler absolutely adores fishing... independently.  It always makes for an interesting trip of catching leaves, twigs, sticks, and finally announcing that there simply aren't any fish or they can't be caught.  Nevertheless, she always allows daddy to help out in the end and had a few great catches on her own little pink pole and even managed to tackle daddy's big fishing pole.  I think what she truly enjoys the most is giving her catch a kiss, watching them swim around in the bucket afterwards, stomping through the mud and finding more worms.

Daddy enjoys his favorite past time and teaching this fun life skill to our little one and mommy just enjoys the Vitamin D and capturing memories being made.  It was a fun Friday and a perfect peak into our summer to come.