I have never booked two back to back sessions.  As a working wife, and mom, photography is an absolute joy for me, but it also has to be something that does not start to overwhelm our already bustling schedule.  However, sometimes you simply have to do what you have to do and in order to get my last two senior reps finished as soon as possible, I went ahead and booked with them on a Thursday and Friday.  If you missed it, yesterday I shared Kate's gorgeous session in Zoar Ohio from the night before.  

On Friday evening, I was so relieved to see we had equally gorgeous weather.  As I drove towards Holmesville, Ohio I saw beautiful cloud covered, blue skies, and the sun was peaking through just perfectly.  I met Stacie and her mom at her grandparent's farm and homestead.  I say homestead because after driving around from one location to the next within a two mile radius, I have come to the conclusion that their family owns the entire block.  It was really awesome and I loved seeing the different aspects of the farm and hearing about who lived where and their relation.  Each location we stopped at within the family farm was absolutely breathtaking and had something different to offer.  With my love for history and all things old, my favorite spot was without a doubt the beautiful old school house located on one of the property's.  

Due to the wind we were competing with, I think it may have been Stacie's favorite location as well.  Stacie has this long, golden hair that is most likely the envy of many girls.  However, that doesn't always make it easy to manage and we struggled a little with controlling the look of her hair blowing through the wind and across her face.  We spent a good bit of time at first at her grandma's house in areas of shade and used the house as our wind shield as much as possible.  This house is so beautifully positioned on the highest hill in the countryside with breathtaking views of everything below.  When you're at a level like that, you realize just how vast and gorgeous a rural countryside is.  I personally enjoyed the roaming kitty and and chicken coop complete with chickens and crowing rooster.  His times may have been a bit off, but he was fun to listen to.  Next we made our way to the old school house where we could hide from the elements inside.

As I mentioned, these are without a doubt, some of my favorite shots.  The schoolhouse is old and contains remnant of a past where students used to fill their desks and their heads with knowledge and information.  However, for the most part it is currently occupied by old equipment and extra lumber.  But one thing it did still boast was gorgeous, golden light.  If I positioned Stacie beside the covered window just perfectly, the sun provided the softest glow on her face and I could not have asked for a more stunning portrait location.  We wrapped up outside enjoying a bit more of the stunning light before moving on to our final locations.  

It was an absolute pleasure, getting to know Stacie and her mom a bit more and I am so happy to have worked with them both.  Best of luck your senior year Stacie and enjoy every minute of it!