My sister and I have been discussing this maternity session for quite a while now.  Of course, as the photographer and auntie-to-be, I was beyond eager to shoot as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, life kept getting in the way, as did our unpredictable Ohio weather.  We finally found a date that worked for everyone this past week and ALMOST cancelled on account of rain.  

Oh but am I glad Ohio remains unpredictable!  The weather forecast had been calling for rain for two days, but we went through with it anyway and it turned out to be a simply stunning evening.  

I could not have asked for a more beautiful location near Dover, Ohio for this maternity session.  Katie's dress by Pink Blush Maternity was showcased beautifully against the dreamy, rural backdrop.  

When I got home my husband asked if I managed to find a pretty "spot" for pictures, and I instantly gushed about how PERFECT it was!  He gave the look, and asked how an old, falling down barn was perfect?  Oh husband, it is all about the vision.  Old, falling down barns are my favorite and this one was perfectly accented by a beautiful small pond, long grass, and the perfect sunset.  

I typically always ask my clients to try and think of a location that is meaningful to them.  Of course, if they don't have anywhere in mind I do my best to brainstorm a location that is representative of them and who they are.  I have done several sessions around my own family farm so we were looking for something a little different, but that still showcased who Katie and Jack are while offering a beautiful maternity location.

This spot was just perfect.  The Zimmerly's are outdoor people 100%.  They enjoy most of their time together hunting, fishing, simply just soaking up everything beautiful Holmes County Ohio has to offer.  I can only imagine how involved this little boy will be as daddy's right hand man and mommy's little adventurer.  

I am excited for all of the amazing memories the future holds for these too and I can't wait to be apart of this new little bundle of love in my life as well.