Dover, OH Couples Photography | The Stutzmans

One thing I am so excited to be putting more time and attention into are my couples/engagement sessions.  To be completely honest, when I first started my business in May - my goal was to focus soley on children and families.  I never dreamed I would be headed in the direction I am six months later, photographing couples, weddings and high school seniors.  But I am loving it.  

Why the Change?

Babies and children are amazing to photograph.  They really are.  They are so naturally candid in front of the camera, and generally love the attention they are receiving from everyone around them.  They are so open, and willing to communicate with you and share their day.  Don't get my wrong, they are equally challenging if they are simply having an off day - or the attention they are hoping to receive is based off the absolute refusal to make a halfway normal face like mom has so begged them so many times to do.  All in all they are a blast and they are adorable.  

So why am I starting to photograph more and more adults?  Couples provide a whole new challenge for me.  For the past two years, I have practiced all of my photography with my own little one.  I don't have to ask her to smile, or get her to stand one way or another.  I simply photographed every cute little thing she did, just as she did it.  With couples, it requires me to expand my range a bit.  I still love capturing those candid, real life moments between two people, but lets admit - as adults, we are not always all too impressed with our candid facial expressions.  So for me, it requires me to learn how to direct people a little more.  How to help someone feel comfortable in front of the camera, something that does not come naturally to us as adults, while still capturing those genuine moments of love and laughter.

But most of all, I simply love capturing love.  As adults, we tend to spend less and less time in front of the camera.  We worry more about our imperfections, and less about capturing our memories.  I think it so important to remember to invest our memories, especially during the beginning of a beautiful journey like marriage.  A wedding is a beautiful day full of a lot of love and laughter.  A marriage will not always looks like that.  There will be days when feel as if you barely like your significant other, let alone love them the way you did when you were walking down that aisle.  Preserving those beautiful memories of the "easier" times helps to pull through the harder ones.  

My sister and brother in-law were home from Georgia this past week so I convinced them into letting me snap a few shots before we went on a drive to see all of the gorgeous Christmas lights.  One goal for this mini session was to capture a large variety of poses and shots in one location with a short amount of time.  We probably only spent about 10-15 minutes shooting as we were becoming pretty limited on light - but I love the variety I was able to capture in such a short amount of time!