Dirt, Four Wheelers And Summer

What an incredibly gorgeous summer we are having!  I can't help but think back on the beginning of my business last summer and how many times I had to reschedule sessions on account of rain!  And not just a little rain with some pretty cloud cover, lots and lots of rain!  The downside to all of this sunshine does mean that things have been a little dry.  But I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!  

At our house, there is one constant between the previous summer and this one - a messy toddler at the end of the day!  Summer means a lot of outside play time, dirt, and of course, messes.  Mom confession, I loved being able to get away with bathing Kenna every other day during the winter.  Saved me a little time in the evening and a lot of hassle.  Getting this child out of the tub was like pulling teeth.  During these warm months though, bath time has become a regular routine at night.  But that's OK because we follow it up with some reading and cuddles.  

I have some beautiful sessions coming up on the schedule this next month and I hope this beautiful weather continues for us!  Here is to enjoying long summer nights!